Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Feet Are Getting Intimate

I got my Intimate Collection 6 days after I ordered. It was from the awesome promo Zoya did last Tuesday, so I got it for $25! I also ordered a bottle of Zoya Remove+ and am loving it so far.
I was talking on the phone with my deployed boyfriend and made him pick which color I should use for my pedi. After a verbal description of all the colors in the Intimate Collection, Jeremy chose Caitlin :D. I thought okay, not what to stamp with. Well Amber from Rainbows & Sparkles used Marley to stamp on Caitlin, suggested that to me, so I did! Then I wanted to use Dannii too because she's so pretty, so she is in the center of the flowers. I love how all the colors in a collection look so good together. As they should!
Here are a couple close ups :P. Caitlin is a gorgeous medium gray creme with a blue/purple tint to it. It is really unique and fabulous. She is definitely Kelly's lighter sister. Marley is a pale lavender with subtle shimmer, although she looks a bit light gray in the stamps. She is on the gray side though. As you can see, Dannii is a super sparkly purple. Isn't she pretty? I have to say, clean up on your toes is difficult! They're hard to reach, never turned the right way, you can't see them really close, etc, etc. And stamping on toes is even harder! I think it's because there is less nail away from the skin because toes aren't as long as fingernails (I hope). And the sides of your toes don't just nicely come away like on your fingernails...know what I mean? I really want the tiny stamper I have seen some ladies use. Here is a picture of what I stamped with - Konad M53. The design is a pretty flowery design with some curly vines in between. I thought it was fun to also take a picture of my tools, especially my scraper. It's covered in paint, and this is after cleaning off the blade area with acetone!


  1. I use an old gift card to scrape.... so much easier! Works better too.

  2. I also use an old gift card so it doesn't scratch up my plates! I'm glad I now know that I can stamp with these colors!

  3. I don't mind that they look a little scratchy. I can't imagine that it would make a difference in the performance....would it?

    I am LOVING my toes and really want to show them off. Come on good weather!!


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