Friday, March 25, 2011

Polish Donation Sensation!!!

Let's Do It For The Ladies

Some of you may have already heard about my super cool new idea! So the story goes:
I'm doing a practicum for one of my college classes at a residential facility for the elderly. Most of them have severe dementia and require constant supervision, or need constant medical care (nursing). For one of our activities today, I painted some nails :D. Of course I wish I could have taken pictures, but I felt a little intrusive (I have seen my supervisor take pictures
though, so this might be possible for the future!). I was inspecting their polish collection, and it was atrocious. This collection had like 7 polishes, and I threw out 2 completely awful ones. Another wing of the facility had a slightly better polish collection, maybe like 15. I didn't actually inspect all of these at the time. One collection, as there is usually one small one per wing (4 wings), didn't even have a top coat! The horror!!

One of my supervisors happened to be sitting right next to me and I said "man we really need a better selection here. These ones are unusable, and the others are okay." My love of nail polish has been mentioned once or twice before, so up came the topic of "well you could donate some." I thought for a moment..."You know, I do have some connections in the polish world...I'll see what I can do :D." That was that. I really didn't expect much to be honest. I thought I would test the waters by posting my possible idea on my Facebook page. Let me tell you I got an amazing response, so I decided to make it happen!

I would donate all of the nail polishes and supplies to this facility (Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Virginia Beach, VA) so that the ladies, who love having their nails done frequently, could have a nice selection of actual quality polish. Even if the result is a few .99 WetNWilds, that would be SO much better than what they have. Used polishes would be absolutely welcome as well. I already cleared that with my supervisor. Anything at all would be great! Even if you'd like to help me get the attention of some polish companies like our beloved Zoya, maybe others like, OPI, China Glaze, Orly, etc. Actually, Color Club is so awesome, not only have they expressed their desire to donate, they have already shipped some! I can't wait to see what it is!

So this is how it goes!
Email me ( with the subject "Polish Donation" that you'd
like to donate new nail polish, used polish, or polish supplies (like thinner, cuticle balm, top coat, etc)
~ I email you my address, you ship the stuff to me.
~ Once I get a few, I'll take a picture just for awesomeness, then take them on down to OLPH to donate. Hopefully they'll let me take some pictures of the ladies enjoying them! The Chaplain asked me to do his jokingly once, so maybe he'll reconsider now haha.

Got that? You email me with the subject "Polish Donation" so I'm sure not to miss it, I give you my address, you ship, I donate. Of course I will let them know about this awesome donation drive that I'm doing and that all of my fabulous friends here donated the products to the sweet ladies at OLPH. You have no idea how much they enjoy looking pretty :). If you include something else in your package like a letter, for example, that's awesome too! If you need to know my name for any reason, it's Megan :D. They know me as Megan, not Painting Rainbows haha.
Please let me know if you are more comfortable shipping directly to the residential facility, because I'd like to give them a headsup. Not sure what they'll think when they just get a box of polish. This is why I'm trying to get it all shipped to me. I would love to get them all at once and take a monster picture, but I'm sure I'll end up getting them in waves. I will absolutely keep you updated!!

Let's Do It For The Ladies
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