Monday, April 30, 2012

For the Kids: 4...and Prom!

  The kids just had Prom this past weekend, and they used loads of the makeup and nail polish you sent. Check it out!

 We got yet another package of goodies. Thank you Sabrina!

My favorite ones were Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell, Color Mates Paparazzi Claire's Glitz and Flam, and Color Mates Glitter Glam. I still have no Kleancolors in my life and totally didn't expect this to be orange!

She also sent lip gloss rings which are super cute and adorable!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Giveaway - Girly Bits, Graduation, Getting Older!

It's about time for another giveaway! I have been meaning to put this one up for eons, but got busy with my internship. I just finished my internship so this giveaway is in honor of finishing my internship successfuly / having time for a life / graduating college soon (May 19th) / my birthday (May 4th)! Yay me!
The prize is the entire Girly Bits Sea's the Day Collection! I have the whole collection too and love it. Pam is an indie polish maker who does it all by hand and is doing so well in her home-made business. It's inspiring! Thank you to Pam at Girly Bits for providing this collection for the giveaway!

Here are some swatches to get you drooling.
Sailor's Delight

Stormy Skies

Denim Diva

Great polishes! Want them? Enter my giveaway!
Don't forget to check out the rest of Girly Bits polishes on her blog!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

For the Kids: 3

 This donation drive is going so well. Thank you all so much for what you do. We now have like 100 nail polishes and loads of great things. The drive has technically ended, as the last day of my internship was today, but I know many of you really wanted to donate to the kids, so I'll still be taking those last minute items.

Amanda sent some great polishes!

Some interesting ones were Sinful Colors Cloud 9 and Nicole by OPI Spring Romance

 Thanks for these polishes Lyncia!

I really liked this Sally Hansen Blush Rush and Flair.

These kids will love these and I already dropped them off, thanks ladies!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Positively Spring!

I have been wanting Barielle Positive Zen-ergy since it came out. Gorgeous! I got this in my haul from them the other day. They're doing a b1g1 50% off right now, free shipping over $50, 15% off when you register with their site, and have sales all the time. They're even on Hautelook sometimes with good deals. They're giving away the new colors in a contest on their site too!
It's a lovely fresh mossy green with silver and green shimmer and gold glass flecks. 

So pretty and perfect in two coats. This is Positive Zen-ergy in dimmer light, quite versatile!

 A close up of the finish and shimmer...mmm!

Jeremy got a Sunrise Cactus for me for Easter and I couldn't help but take a picture with it while in the sunroom on this lovely day. They look so nice together, and Positive Zen-ergy is so Springy! I wore it for Easter. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Barielle Review Haul sent me some lovely polishes for review. You should contact them, because their review system is awesome. I got 3 polishes of my choice, 3 treatments of my choice (one at a time), and she even threw in 2 polishes from the new collection. I can't wait to swatch these!

I chose Positive Zen-ergy, Wool You Marry Me?, Cashmere or Loose Me, and they included Daring Dahlia, and Sky's the Limit.

They sent it in this cute little back with a key chain and a Barielle ribbon. I always appreciate cute and thoughtful packaging.

Positive Zen-ergy

Wool You Marry Me?

Cashmere or Loose Me

Daring Dahlia

Sky's the Limit

Barielle retails for $8, but always has sales going on, so check them out. They're also sold at Ulta and I have even seen them at Marshall's and other stores like that!

Monday, April 16, 2012

For the Kids: 2

I have gotten  6 packages for the polish donation since the last update! Thank you so much Jody Alu from SoFlaJo, Yezenia H, Kelly Baas, Kim from Overall Beauty, and Jess Hall from LuvMyLacquer!

Look at all that stuff! There are nail decals, polishes, toys, eye shadows, lipstick, scented lotion, nail polish pens, files, so many things!

I'm going to highlight some of the interesting finds.

Confetti Party Palace Blue and this cool unnamed polish from Shades of the Season are apparently dupes.  Yezenia included lots from that brand and I've never seen it. Some of them were really cool!
Here are some more cool ones from Yezenia including more Shades of the Season, and more I have never seen before from Primark Beauty, Yves Rocher, and Depend. Interesting!

Kelly included a good unnamed holoish purple from WetnWild, Love&Beauty Coral which I so need in my life, and a nice glass fleck red Rimmel Hot Rock.
Kim was nice enough to send the kids two brand new BB Couture. I have never tried this brand and want to!
Jody included so many cool ones - The Color Workshop, Honybee Gardens Mocha Latte, Yria Prune has a really cool bottle shape, a salon franken with China Glaze Rated Holographic, Caress, Estee Lauder rose something lol, Sasatinnie, and a pretty Dawn. What cool brands! I really want a Yria now.
Thanks so much for helping ladies. I just dropped off all these goodies today and we're all excited! There are at least 80 polishes here, and we're loving the shadows and nail decals too! The notes some are sending are lovely too :). Keep em' coming!

Monday, April 9, 2012

For the Kids: 1

 Here is the first update to the Polish Donation Drive for Kids! I have had a fabulous response from all of you ladies, and many people sharing the drive too. Maybe 12 people have contacted me so far wanting to donate spa and pampering items for these children. I got the first package really quickly. Thank you so much Mirabelle!!

Polish, bamboo makeup brushes, and eyeshadow palettes!

WetnWild eyeshadow palettes Comfort Zone, Petal Pusher, and Lust. I hear these are really good, and what gorgeous colors. The girls all have really different personalities, so variety like this is awesome.

She included Revlon Popular, WetnWild Lavender Pearlescent, Sparked, Rain Check, and Kaleidoscope

 2 unlabeled WetnWilds, NYC Times Square Tangerine Creme, ELF Berry Pink, and Red Velvet
 How awesome Maribelle, thanks so much! I'll take them in tomorrow!

I dug through my polishes and added some to the pot that I won't miss - Revlon Facets of Fuschia (I picked up extra that I never manged to swap), unlabeled pale frosty pink, Bath and Body Works red and silver glitter, Sonia Kashuk Tutti Frutti, Sinful Colors Sing Along, and Sally Hansen Tender Mulberry. 

It's freeing to purge my stash for a good cause. You should try it! :D Email me at with Polish Donation as the subject if you want to donate some spa related goodies to the kids! I'm taking donations until about the end of April, which is when I'd like to have the packages in by, because my internship ends the 27th. Thanks ladies!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Polish Donation Drive for Kids!

 !!Let's Do it for the Kids!!
Hello there lovelies! I've been rather absent lately because I've been doing my final internship at a great residential facility for children with multiple disabilities. I noticed their polish stash lately, and knowing how much support I got from you all last time I held a donation drive, I know we can help! These children are so sweet and adorable and they love being pampered!
I know you noticed her nail polish :D

They do lots of spa activities and keep the girls beautiful all time time, in addition to special events like prom!
 Items that would be helpful include all types of nail polish that young ladies 0-21 would enjoy, nail polish remover, sensitive or scented lotions, cuticle creams/oils/sensitive treatments, new and unused hypoallergenic makeup, beauty samples suitable for sensitive skin, personal makeup applicators, really any pampering related things you can think of! Please spread the word and donate what you can. Used polish is fine as long as it's in good condition, but other products should be new. 

If you're interested in donating please email me at or Facebook message me at Painting Rainbows with the subject "Polish Donation", what you're donating, and when you'll be sending it, and I'll reply with my mailing address. We are not permitted to mail directly to the facility. I will keep you ladies updated when I receive new packages for the girls and post pictures. Hopefully some pictures of the girls enjoying the products will get publicized so that I can share those with you as well. This donation drive will be live until the last week in April, which is when prom is. I'm so excited to help these girls and can't wait to see what we can come up with!