Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jindie Nails I'm a Star Dot Com

I'm a rock staaarrrr!!! lol

Jindie Nails I'm a Star Dot Com is a white jelly base that seems almost tinted every so slightly purpley pink. It has medium stars in black and silver, huge round black glitter, fuchsia round glitter in large/medium/small, silver hexes in huge/large/small which sometimes look holo, and tiny hexes in silver and black. 

A little ode to Victoria the Manicurator here lol. I shall never be as good as you. If you can't tell, she's my idol. I think these poses really do show the nail polish well, I just can't get the grace of it down. And I need a light box for sure.

Cute polish. No issues. It's a bit sheer and this is three coats. You may want more coats or to layer it over white. I do like the depth of glitter that more coats makes though. I didn't do any glitter fishing or dabbing, but I didn't get any huge black circles. I think I would like this polish more if it had some pink glass fleck shimmer in the base - just seems like it would go well.

You can buy Jindie Nails in her Etsy shop for $8.50/$5. Her polish is also available at Llarowe, Mei Mei's Signatures, and Ninja Polish.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jindie Nails Femme Fire

So I found a new Indie I'm in love with - Jindie Nails. Honestly my favorite brands ever right now are Zoya, KB Shimmer, and Jindie Nails. She just has some really awesome stuff and my friends continuously recommend her. 
 Jindie Nails Femme Fire is a creamy bubblegum pink with fire colored matte and semi-matte hexes in red/dark red/yellow. I say semi-matte because they aren't half as shiny and metallic as regular glitter. It's a really interesting finish. When they get under a little layer of the base they look more matte too. The pink base makes some of the red glitter look orange too.

Two coats is perfect with this polish. I wanted a little more glitter, so I shook the bottle every couple of nails. I wouldn't say the glitter sinks because there is still a lot at the top and always is, but I did seem to get a lot more glitter (almost too much) if I shook up up.

I wore this man for our Valentine's Day weekend getaway. He surprised me with a trip to a winery, a stay in the most gorgeous quaint little hotel I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, the nicest dinner I've ever imagined, a tour, and wine tasting. Lots and lots of wine lol!
The vineyard

Our room and first glasses of wine there

Gorgeous dinner and wine cellar

We had a ton of fun and it was so romantic :D.
What did you do for Valentine's Day?

You can buy Jindie Nails in her Etsy shop for $8.50/$5. Her polish is also available at Llarose, Mei Mei's Signatures, and Ninja Polish.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lacquer Lust Kiss the Girl

Lacquer Lust has some really cute stuff! This is Kiss the Girl, which I'm sure is inspired by the movie Ariel :D.
Kiss the girl is a cherry red jelly with medium and large hexes in aqua/light pink/light green/orange. Many of the glitters are holo. The base has multicolored and holo shimmer.

This was two coats and it was super cute! Really squishy and nice. I think it embodies Ariel quite well :D.

 Check out Lacquer Lust's Etsy shop here, and her Facebook page!
Her polishes sell for $7.50 each, which is think is really reasonable for an indie!

This product was sent to me for my unbiased review.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Element of Magic

Mmm a romantic manicure for this week :D.

This is two coats of Rainbow Honey the Element of Magic over Borghese Mezzanotte Blue. The accent nail is Orly Pixy Stix with Mezzanotte Blue stamped.

The Element of Magic is a freaky shimmery jelly base packed so full with blue, pink, and purple shimmers it makes it opaque. There are large hexes in pale pink/purple/blue violet, small hexes purple/blue violet/blue/silver holo.

In the shade especially, you can see the polish flash blue, purple, and pink. <3

I'm so glad I have this super cute RH polish I've been wanting now! I still want A Little Kindness from this collection though. And I'm trying to stamp more!

I got these from the Rainbow Honey sale on Fab. It was a great deal! It was a couple dollars off and included a cuticle stick! I like the cuticle stick a lot because it's handmade and very natural. It's the right consistency to spread evenly but not leave bunch of gunk on your nails. Definitely purse worthy!

Did you pick up anything from this sale?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roses for My Love

Happy Valentine's Day lovies! I've always wanted to do a vintagesque roses mani. Some of the new Zoya Spring colors just seemed perfect for it.

I used Zoya Jacqueline, Neely, and Piper, OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie for the darker pink in the roses, and Sally Hansen White On for the highlights. I'm loving this creamy yellow, and I usually hate yellow polishes!

I don't know what it was with the cuticle cleanup - sorry guys. I swear I did it like 3 times and that creamy yellow didn't want to come all the way off. Maybe I let me topcoat dry too much? Idk! I've been wearing this manicure for about a week now and it has held up great though. Go Zoya!

I stamped the lines, but they weren't dark enough so I went over them with a brush anyway. The rest was done with my tiny brush and dotting tool.

And here's my Valentine's Day so far! We have major surprise plans this weekend that I have to pack an overnight bag for, so I can't wait to see what that is! That's one good thing about being a Military Wife - the holidays you have together are extra special.
I'm making a card for him right now and I love it :D. I think I'm nailing it. I totally came up with that end bit I wrote on a whim and I feel quite poetic lol! This card is adorable if you don't look at my handwriting. I'm trying to use my Cricut more too!!

 I made him a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake! I had planned to do the fresh raspberries and white chocolate curls, but I can't find the white chocolate bar I swore I had for the top. I love the look of the raspberry sauce I made, and it makes me want to do nails just like that!

How's your Valentine's Day been? <3

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Blooming in a Different Place

I've been working at an elementary school with a Parks and Recreation after school program for a few months now. In such a short time I've come to know and love the children, and obviously they feel the same way. I'm being transferred to a new site where my expertise with children with disabilities is needed more. I knew it was coming, but had been told it would be days or months - who knows. I found out an hour into the day at work that I'd be going to the new site the very next work day. We announced it to the kids and this is how they bade me their goodbyes.
I was overwhelmed with the love! This is the kind of stuff I hear others who work with children talk about and I get jealous - wishing I could be that important in even a single child's life. Well I was, and it felt great. Really really amazing. I don't know how I managed to get through the day without openly crying.
See all the rainbows? These kids know me :P. There are some pretty cute ones I'd point out though:
"Mrs. Megan has bloomed to a different place." How does a 10 year old write something like that!? Amazing!
"Tis a good woman" lol!
I love it when they draw me too. "You" and "me" always gets me.
"Mrs. Mean" - Freudian slip? :P

A little boy came up to me today very pensive. He placed his hand on my chest and said *lispy 7 year old voice* "you have a good heawt." What makes you say that Ryder? He thinks really hard....."You do good things."

This is a poem from a 5th grader:
Violets make me sigh.
It's hard to say goodbye.
If only I had one more day.
But there's no way.
Just missing you makes me drool.
Cause you're pretty cool.
All the stars high above
don't add up to all my love.
I just can't believe this is the end.
I'm really gonna miss you
Ms. Megan

How do such young children come up with this stuff? Girl's got talent. I love you too Courtney.

This is the grand finale. After we announced that this was my last day, one of the quietest girls said WHAT WHY?!? A few minutes later my co-worker Anica (you should follow her hot natural self) came up to me like "DON'T CRY...but Jasmine is crying." This tiny little child cried for a good hour about me leaving. I died! Then she wrote me a book inside the "sweeter than a princess" card.

Where she writes "song" she started singing this song for me. I later realized it was Rihanna Take a Bow, where it says "now it's time to go." How freaking cute that she thought of that.

Ugh I'm going to die! I know all the other kids will be just as sweet and we'll make fast friends and lasting memories. It's always hard to move on though.
I love my kids at work! Miss you all!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cleaning Stained Nails

So I used some blue nail polish that I don't even remember and ended up with Smurf nails. And hands! Yikes! I tried some things to remove the stains from my nails. I documented the before and after for each process to see how well it worked. You can click the picture to make it larger.

  • Soap, warm water, and a little scrubbing seemed to help a lot! The pig is my vegetable brush :P. I really need to invest in a proper nail brush, but it works in a pinch.
  • The lemon juice soak (3 minutes) didn't seem to do much honestly, when you look at the pictures.
  • The whitening toothpaste helped a lot! I just used an old toothbrush I don't use anymore on my with the toothpaste and did it once or twice.  
  • Buffing definitely helps, but you shouldn't do it too often. Some people have really thin nails and say that buffing at all causes too much damage. Just buff lightly! I'd rather keep my nails in good condition and have them look nice with polish on than buff the stains off but have unhealthy thin nails. 
  • The cuticle oil was just for good measure and so you can see the final result. There is a teeny bit of blue here and there, but it's 293847234x better than the beginning!
When it's all said and done, I would do soap/water/scrubbing, then whitening toothpaste, then buffing if I had to. Scrub and buff gently though! My cuticles weren't too happy with me, but they were really stained too. Skip the lemon juice all together. I didn't even try baking soda because I figured that was the whole point of using the toothpaste (it has baking soda in it usually).

How do you get stains out of your nails?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Watch Over Me

I cried when I got this nail mail. That doesn't often happen. It was just this little green polish with the usual business card, but there was a note on the back:
"Sandy Hook donation polish. 100% of the profits from every purchase goes to the Newtown Animal Center in memory of Catherine Hubbard."
The bottle was even tied with a pawprint ribbon. I know Jody from SoFlaJo loves animals too, so I believe she chose this way to reach out and show her compassion for the people so drastically effected by this tragedy. I'm still getting waves of full body goose bumps even writing this. Interestingly enough the song that just came on my playlist is Coldplay - I'll See You Soon.
Kudos to you Jody. I really appreciate the value of this sentiment.

SoFlaJo Watch Over Me aptly named...We all need someone watching over us. And we can all be that someone for others.

Watch Over Me is a lovely earthy slightly olive green with gold and green shimmer and gold microflakies. Two coats was great coverage and no formula issues at all. This is a really flattering green that just makes me want to squish an avocado on my nails.

I love it in the different lights too. The shimmer definitely isn't hidden and didn't show up as much in the crappy Winter sunlight as it did in person. I can't get over the meaning behind this polish. SO beautiful.
SoFlaJo polishes are $10 for a regular size, and $5 for a mini. This polish is only sold in full size, as all the profits go to charity. 
Check her out on Facebook, oogle at the polishes in her store, and she also has an Etsy shop!

This was provided to me for my unbiased review.