Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jindie Nails Smells Like Green Spirit

Aahh a Nirvana reference :P

Jindie Nails Smells Like Green Spirit is a super bright green jelly with small/medium/large hexes silver/purple/light pink/blue and medium blue circle glitter.

The formula was great. This is two coats. I love how super bright this is, and who doesn't like circle glitter?

You can buy Jindie Nails in her Etsy shop for $8.50/$5. Her polish is also available at Llarowe, Mei Mei's Signatures, and Ninja Polish.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Peach Cuticle Oil - Joyful Noise Cosmetics

You can never have too much cuticle oil lol! Joyful Noise Cosmetics makes polish and all kinds of spa items, including cuticle oil! She also makes shampoo, sugar scrubs, lotions, etc.

Her cuticle oil is made with almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and aloe. I love that it's handmade and natural!

This one is Peach scent and smells just like a fresh cut peach. She gets new scents in frequently, but right now she has Cucumber melon, Peach, Watermelon, Rise & shine, Lavender, Violet, Vanilla, Coconut, Fresh rain, Baby powder, Snickerdoodle, Marrakesh (musky), Vanilla sandalwood, Pomegranate, Moonlit path, Plumeria, Strawberry, and Orange cream.
That's probably what I like about her oils the most - the huge selection of scents! I used it in the above picture and it's very moisturizing and smells amazing. I'm not crazy about cuticle oils in polish bottles, so I'd like to see what her other applicators are like.
You can buy her cuticle oil in her Etsy shop for $6 for the big bottle size or $4 for the dropper/spray applicators.Those should be fun to see! Like her on Facebook too!

AND because we love you, you can get free domestic shipping on all your orders over $10 at Joyful Noise Cosmetics for a limited time with this coupon code:RAINBOWS. Just mention this blog post to also get 1-2 samples added to your order for free!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zoya Color Cutie Minis!! - Preview

You think Zoya minis are adorable? I do too! So Zoya listened!!
You can get 6+ Zoya Color Cuties for $5 each and free expedited shipping, or you can get 12+ Cuties for $3 each and free expedited shipping! Cute!!
Now they don't have all the colors available sadly, but maybe they will if sales for these go well! Right now they have Pippa, Happi, Shelby, Audrina, Gilda, Lo, Tanzy, Arizona, Zuza, Yummy, Blu, and Neely.

Are you going to get any!?! You can get them here at this link!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

It's the first day of Spring! The Spring Equinox! Well yesterday was lol. 
The earth is awakening, buds sprouting, sun shining! I'm excited about the nicer days ahead.

I did my nails like little candy eggs - Cadbury mini eggs or Whopper Robin's Eggs
(Candy pics from

I used Zoya Neely, Zoya Jacqueline, China Glaze Sweet Hook, Zoya Blu, OPI Sparrow Me the Drama, and Sally Hansen White On. I tried using a toothbrush to splatter the nails, but I skittled them all first so it was getting all over my thumb nail and not so much on my other nails. So  I just dipped the toothbrush in the polish and dabbed it on here and there. Then I topped it with China Glaze Matte Magic.

I tried Barielle Matte-inee first since I just got it. It says "matte finish nail protection", "dries with a matte finish", and "dulls the high luster finish of color polish to provide a satin finish"...all in the same section lol. So is it supposed to be matte or satin? It's definitely more satin, as you can see. I realized after I put Matte Magic on top of this that the pics almost look like a wax finish. I'll have to try it again on a plain creme and see. It also says it has "strengtheners and conditioners" so I'm thinking you could wear this when you don't feel like having anything on your nails but want a little nail boost. This would be great for men who like to have nice nails but don't want shine or color.

Yay, Happy Spring/Spring Equinox/Ostara/weather getting warmer day!!

Some of these products were provided for my unbiased review

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Taste the Rainbow

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
When I asked a 5 year old girl at work how I should do my nails for St. Patty's Day it went something like this:
Her: Pink!
Me: Why pink? It's for St. Patrick's Day.
Her: Because it's Patrick day and he's pink!
*dies* LOL
So after she and the other kids understood the difference, they said rainbows and shamrocks. So here we have it!

I used a Nail Candy nail art pen for the shamrocks and all the colors of the rainbow.

I am trying to slowly get better at watermarbles. I have plenty of mess ups in this mani, but I have to say if I could only wear one mani for the rest of my life - this would be it.

Here is my right hand. I keep messing up though! I'll have a perfect nail, then when I'm doing my other hand or something I'll get a little tendril of sticky polish on my perfect nail. Or I'll bump it. With the ring finger, there was a bubble in the water or something so a third of my nail remained unmarbled. I did it again and it came out like that. It looks pretty awesome, just doesn't really go with the other nails.

My thumb turned out pretty pimpin' too. I chipped the end before I even got to take pics so I just dabbed on one of the polishes in the marble. So just imagine it without that bit :D.

You can buy Nail Candy nail art pens for $10/2 colors on their website. They have all kinds of colors! The one I used in this post was Pastel Green from the  Live Colorfully set. I will do a more in depth review on these later, but you'll see them in plenty of other posts!
Some of these products were sent for my unbiased review

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Barielle Sweet Treats

The Barielle Sweet Treats collection is a fun little compilation of cremes and one glass fleck shimmer.

I felt like doing a watermarble with all the colors. They don't all go together necessarily, but you can see how many pair nicely together. I'm not great at watermarbles so forgive the mess-ups :P. I'm always open to tips!
The pointer and middle are Green Apple Chew and Blue Cotton Candy. The other two are Banana Drop, Lilac Jelly Bean, and Orange Parfait.  

I tried out my latex method for watermarbling again. It isn't perfect - I think the water messes with the ability of the latex to pull off as easily sometimes, but it works quite nicely!

Banana Drop is a yellow creme that is bright and pale at the same time. How does that work? I don't know! Like a super bright pastel...a neon with a little more white in it? The name fits it because it reminds me of a Starburst or something. This was 3 coats

Blue Cotton Candy is a rich tealy blue with silver glassfleck shimmer in it. I love love love this finish!! This was two coats. This is actually a pretty good dupe for Cult Nails Let Me Fly.

This is (top to bottom) Lilac Jelly Bean, Green Apple Chew, Orange Parfait, and Banana Drop. They're all cremes so I just swatched them like this. Honestly this would be a pretty awesome skittle anyway. The formulas on all these were perfectly fine.
Lilac Jelly Bean is a pale lilac purple creme
Green Apple Chew is a neon super bright acid green creme
Orange Parfait is a rosey coral creme
Green Apple Chew and Banana Drop were three coats. The rest were two.

I'm in love with Green Apple Chew, Orange (not orange at all) Parfait, and Blue Cotton Candy! I also have a new photo setup. Can you tell a difference?
You can buy Barielle polishes for $8 on their site or $25 for this collection. You get %15 off for registering with your email, and they're pretty much always buy one get one 50% off! Ulta also sells them and you can use their coupons if you'd prefer to buy them in person. Don't forget to check out Barielle's Facebook page too!

These products were provided to me for my unbiased review.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jindiie Nails Candyland Remix

Candyland Remix is a cute winter polish that Jindie Nails did. It was just Candyland, but she added the small bright matte glitters to it. I definitely like it better. Who doesn't like more glitter!?!
This is a white crelly base that seems ever so slightly tinted, but I can't really decide what or blue? I think it's so faint that it just depends on what you're next to. It's filled with large/medium neon matte hexes in pink/purple/orange/yellow/green/blue and tiny neon dot glitter in blue/orange/pink/purple.

This polish totally reminded me of the Cadbury chocolate eggs that come out this time of year :P. The formula is a little sheer, so this is 4 coats. It can be streaky if it doesn't have enough time to dry, so don't just jump from one hand to the next. I'm really loving these milky glitters!!

You can buy Jindie Nails in her Etsy shop for $8.50/$5. Her polish is also available at Llarowe, Mei Mei's Signatures, and Ninja Polish.
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(This polish was provided to me for my unbiased review)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

No OPI...Just No

Seriously? Really? OPI, you make me sad.
So most of us know by now that the new OPI polish When Monkeys Fly has really bad curling taco glitter. There is an uproar in the polish community because OPI is such a well known, prestigious, dependable brand. What excuse is there to have taco glitter?
"OPI: The slight scallop in the large gold glitter grains in When Monkeys Fly is intentional, as it adds a bit more depth to the sparkle. You'll want to apply two generous coats of top coat to smooth everything out. Hope this helps! Let us know if you're still having difficulties. #nomoretacos."
OH! It was on purpose! I SEE. Curling glitter doesn't add depth to the sparkle, it makes the polish a pain in the ass. Maybe this would be alright if each bottle came with a free bottle of topcoat lol!

Does anyone have this polish and it doesn't curl, or they think it actually looks better curling? Post about your experience with this polish in the comments.
(And a link to OPI's actual comment on this if you didn't catch it before)

I'll like curling glitter when monkeys fly...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Collection Swatches

Zoya Pixie Dust collection - definitely one of my favorites from them in a long time! It's so unique and fun! Yea I know, everyone is coming out with texture polishes now, but these are just done so well. They're super glittery mattes that kind of have a sandy finish, but softer than sandpaper. They really don't bug me at all like I thought they would!
They all have the same finish - a sandy super glittery matte with silver glitter and glitter in the color of the polish - so I won't bother to include that with each picture. They take about as long to dry as a regular polish; not quite as quick as your average matte. You can feel the weird little sandy particles when you put the polish on and it's kind of fun :P. The formulas were no issue, just some took more than two coats.

Vespa is a soft sage green. This was 3 coats.

Godiva is a subtle creamy nude - 3 coats

London is a medium charcoal gray. The name makes me want to call it smog :P. - 2 coats

Nyx is a soft periwinkle blue that leans a wee bit purple rather than a sky blue. - 3 coats

Chyna is a gorgeous ruby slipper red. China Glaze Ruby Slippers has nothing on this. The matte gritty finish makes it feel like you really dipped your finger in glitter just like the shoes! - 2 coats

Dahlia is jet black, but the glitter brings it up a shade. - 2 coats

I tried a little nail art with these and they're quite difficult actually! The gradient was kind of fun, but most of the colors don't show up well on top of each other. They'd be great for nail art if you mix them with cremes, like some people have been doing with a creme base and the art in the Pixies.

I tried a little galaxy nail on this one with some white, Godiva, and Nyx. They really didn't show up, so I added a bit of Skylar too. Not too bad!

You can get these polishes on Zoya's website - $54 for the collection of 6 or $9 for one.
If you sign up for an account with this link you'll receive a coupon for a free bottle of Zoya nail polish! If you add two more polishes to your order you even get free shipping. Awesome deal! So you could get this full collection for $45 and free shipping = $7.50 a polish.