Monday, February 2, 2015

Chiropractor in a Bottle

So I've been having this pretty serious neck discomfort. It's almost like a cramp in the back of my neck that radiates upwards. It would come and go throughout the day, but showed up again every single day. I tried my recipe for aches away cream on my temples, forehead, and back of my neck. I tried diluted peppermint, and I also pressed frankincense essential oil on the roof of  my mouth. I was really discouraged that the oils only helped a little. 

I really needed to just go to the chiropractor and get adjusted, but my schedule made that really difficult. Then it hit me....I was treating the problem (headache) and not the cause (neck cramping). After I mentioned how I thought a chiropractor would really help, I thought of the legendary chiropractor in a bottle! That's another nickname for the essential oil blend Valor by Young Living.
Valor smells delicious and is used for a multitude of things. I've personally tried it for sleep, calming, discomfort, and realignment.

So I put a drop of Valor on my neck one time, in addition to my cream I made with essential oils. It really helped, but it still came back. I applied Valor once a day for three days, and lo and behold it was gone. Seriously. This cramping in my neck that had me wanting to make a doctor's appointment and go to the chiropractor went away. I seriously was skeptical about why they call Valor chiropractor in a bottle because I'm like how can an essential oil actually change the alignment of your spine. But it did. I seriously was begging my husband to come home from work early so I could go to the chiropractor and get realigned...but Valor did it for me.

Do you have back issues, neck discomfort, or headaches that you think Valor could help? Have you ever used Valor for anything and how did it go?