Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ulta Cosmetics Swatches

Remember this from my haul the other day? I swatched everything for you!!! Overall, I really like everything in here and it's all really wearable. The lipstick is a bit dark for my skintone and I'm not a dark brown fan (for lipcolor least). The blush is also too intense for me, but that's really it! Definitely a good buy! Technically this was all free with my other Ulta purchases!! :D

Let's begin with the eyeshadow!
This has some beautiful browns, and a silver that isn't too pow. I like to use the Granite to accentuate the outer edge of my eyeliner as well. These particular Ulta eyeshadows are totally fine, but not amazing. They aren't super pigmented and don't just glide on. I will definitely use them again though, just not awesome.
These are gorgeous colors as well! As you can see we're having the pigment problem again though. The Seashell pink is so pretty and really does show up a bit more in person. I like how Stardust is like a gold, but more on the soft yellow side. Aren't the names pretty?
Here are the eyeliner duo pencils that came with the free cosmetic bag. I really like these!! I usually prefer the softer twist up kind of eyeliner, but these glide right on. Halo is subtle, but I absolutely love it. The first time I wore it I used it to accentuate my lower lid on the outer edge since I only ever line my top lid in something darker. Halo is also good for adding shadow on top of. I found that if I lined my lower lid with it then added a shadow, it made that shadow shimmery and stand out more.
I am loving the Ulta Amped Lashes Volume Mascara! I was previously addicted to Rimmel Extra Super Lash. This is a lot like that one, but a bit better even! It isn't over the top and crazy voluminous like the mascara commercials on tv, but I don't want my eyelashes to look like that anyway. It covered them well, separated them well, all of the above! I am not all the way sure yet whether or not I'll stick with the Rimmel or this one only because of the price. I usually find the Rimmel for $7 (though online it says it sells for about $3 in Wal-Mart and RiteAid...never seen that!!). The Ulta is $10. So if I really can find it for that good a price then I'll probably keep buying the Rimmel. I have to say the packaging of the Ulta mascara kind of looks like a vibrator though....
On to the lippies!!! In the middle is the brown lipstick, just their regular lipcolor. It's really pretty, just not something I would wear. On each end I swatched the lipglosses, then in between is the lipgloss over the lipstick. The lipglosses looked crazy in the tube, but they come out really nice and normal! Both have a little bit of shimmer to them. Goddess has a little bit of an orange/bronze/goldy shimmery tint to it. Orange sounds awful for lips, but I promise you it is freaky subtle. It's really pretty! Flirtini is a sheer slightly pink gloss with really tiny subtle iridescent glitter in it. Here I'm wearing Flirtini over the Sally Hansen Lip Butter (slight pink tint) that I have for you in my giveaway.
Now for the blush! I really like the fun honeycomb texture of the pressed powder. I have swatched it for you lightly, then a little darker below. It almost has a hint of brown in the pink which you can see more in the darker swatch. Again, this one is so pretty, it's just too dark for my freaky pale skin tone along with blonde hair.

I haven't properly swatched the nail color for you, but here is a really color accurate bottle picture. I did paint it on a piece of paper and it looks very opaque. It's really pretty! Usually in things like this you think you'd get a really boring ugly color, but I like this one! It's called Hot Spot :D.
Now my final swatch is not from the bag of Ulta freebies I got, but I did pick it up in the same haul and have had a couple people ask me about it. This is the Ulta Eye Crayon in Cocoa Puff.
It is an eyeshadow stick. The consistency is like a really firm cream shadow. I absolutely love this! It is easy to apply, just the right size end, looks gorgeous, stays well, and has an awesome dual end with a sponge tip that you can use to blend with instead of using your finger. Awesome!!


  1. Great swatches!
    I love the first palette!

  2. I love the eyeshadow stick! Lovely colour! You have very pretty eyes! :)

  3. @Rock - Thanks! These are actually my first ever makeup swatches :D.

    @Kati - Aww thanks :D. I love the stick too! Let me know if you want some in our swap!


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