Sunday, March 6, 2011

Color Club Sheer Disguise

So I heard mentioned somewhere in the Blogger world that Color Club nail polish was sold at Ross. Really, at Ross? I needed some home decor items anyway, so I went. Lo and behold right up front was a stand of nothing but nail polish. In the stash were boxed sets of Color Club collections including both the halves of Alter Ego, Poptastic, and Covered In Diamonds. Not a fabulous selection, but not bad. I have never seen Color Club before, let alone tried it, so I had to pick some up. It was $7.99 for a whole set! Awesome!
I chose the lighter version which includes from left to right: Get a Clue, Revealed, Incognito, Secret Rendevous, Sheer Disguise, Give Me a Hint, and Milky White Basecoat. I can't wait to try them all out! I chose Sheer Disguise first because I just picked up an awesome flaky and wanted to try layering it over something similar since it's pretty sheer. So! Meet Sheer Disguise.

For my first experience with Color Club, I love it! The price is fab too! Sheer Disguise is a light dusty grey blue with a creme finish. It was opaque in two coats, but maybe could have used three. I knew I was layering it later so I didn't mind. Everything about this polish was just fabulous. The drying time was even quick! I used their base coat and liked that too. I have been looking for a 3 free basecoat with a bit of pigment to it and this seems to fill that need perfectly! I have been previously using Seche Vite Ridge Filling Basecoat and like it a lot, but it doesn't play well with Zoya polishes, so we'll have to see how Color Club's basecoat does in that department. I'm also using Orly Sec'n Dry Quick Dry Topcoat with it instead of my previous choice of Seche Vite (because of the awful shrinkage) and that seems to be a great pairing as well!

I am just thrilled with this brand! The polish is great, the wear has been pretty awesome (3 days and started to see some lifting after a hot shower, totally fixable with a top coat), the colors are really cool, and it's super cheap!

I found mine at Ross (the cheap clothing/home store), but it is also sold at some Bed Bath & Beyond stores. Try their website to see if a particular Bed Bath & Beyond sells it. The Ross didn't show up, so BB&B seems to be the only one in their website list. One of my BB&B's that I have already been to that did not carry the polish did not show up on this list, so it must actually show the ones that carry it. Great!


  1. I love Color Club! Have you checked out their glitters? so pretty!

  2. I really just discovered them. I had heard about them ages ago, but never actually saw Color Club in stores. I didn't see that they had any glitters in this store :/.

  3. I love Color Club! I find that they are excellent quality for that price and good wear too. My favourite Color Clubs are Revvvolution, Wild at Heart, Snakeskin... I also have a few Color Clubs in my untried stash so I don't know about them yet.

  4. Thanks for your post :)

  5. wow, that's a really unique color--i like it.

    thought you might be interested in my 100-piece ELF makeup palette, crackle polish and Ulta cosmetics giveaway!

  6. @Muse - Totally interested! Heading over there now.

    @Intootje - I really want their holos, yes!

  7. OMG, that set is ridiculous! $7.99 for the set? SO amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I've never looked for polish at Ross but I sure will now. :)

  8. I know right? I never would have thought Ross would have polish! And Bed Bath & Beyond is supposed to have it too!
    Yes 7.99 for the whole set!


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