My Polish Stash

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Here is a list of all the polishes currently in my stash. This is still under construction, so more will be added soon. My last count was 211, but I'm guessing 230 or so now. Haven't counted in ages but have to be over 300 by now. 

If you think one of my descriptions is incorrect or need to be tweaked, please let me know and I'll change it. Also, if you'd like to see a swatch of something in my stash, a certain combo, etc, feel free to make requests!
I have a list of all my beauty items up for swap/sale on the Swap/Sale tab. 

Where I Keep Them
I bought a Melmer on sale, put it together (which took forever), and prettied it up.
I wanted it to go with my decor, and white was just eeww. I replaced the handles as well. 

Absolutely everything wouldn't fit, so I used a photo box to put my frankening and swap polishes in, removers, cotton pads, Zoya color plates, etc.

Top drawer with all of my other stuff, read the labels

Second drawer - polish arranged by color. This is purples, pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows.

Third and final drawer with blues, greens, grays/silvers, and some extras. 

I started out with a Caboodle holding I think about 90 polishes at the time. Now it holds all my cake decorating stuff perfectly!
Nice right? Can you imagine that this used to hold all my polishes? :D

Then came the super awesome scrapbooking organizer I got on sale from Michael's.
Sorry for the blur, this ones a cell phone pic.

This was the top large section where I kept my favs and remover

This is one of the pull out drawers at the bottom. The rest had polish arranged by color.

I wanted my stash to remain portable so this was great. After I kept adding more and more though, it was just too heavy and cumbersome to be practical. Then when I put it in my car to do my friend's nails, this happened and I got polish all over my new car....great. 
So that was my last straw. I wanted a stationary stash which is what I have now.


  1. Looks beautiful to me! Love how you dressed it up!

  2. Where'd you find your melmer at? I need something like this!:D

  3. OMG, love what you did to the melmer, especially the drawer handles. sooo stylish :)

  4. LOVE. I still need to go to a craft store and find the paper I want to put on mine & get some new handles.

  5. I like the paper thing, but I wanted it to blend with the rest of my furniture. I didn't want it to look like a teenage girl's thing in my nicely painted office lol.

    Steph you can get them at Michael's usually 40% off with coupon or sale, and I think they sell a black version at Hobby Lobby.

  6. Where did you end up finding the new handles? They look perfect!!! Were they pricey?

  7. dumb question maybe..... but what kind of paint did you use? i tried spray painting mine but it can very easily be scrape off.

  8. I used flat enamel spray paint then decided later that it needed a satin finish, so I would go with satin. Honestly it does scrape off pretty easily. Not if I just try, but at the top corners where there is more rubbing from the other drawers the paint has already worn away.

  9. hi!! i was wondering how much would you ask for mad as a hatter and off with her red??

  10. this is my email


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