Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My First Flaky!

I finally found my very first flaky! Sinful Colors Green Ocean ($1.99)! It's apparently a LE polish that only comes out around St. Patrick's Day. I bought one for you for the giveaway, and another for myself!!
See tha flakies? :D :D :D
I knew it was going to be pretty sheer with a green tint, so I wanted to layer it. I just bought the Color Club Alter Ego set (the lighter one), so I layered it over Sheer Disguise.
Here is a sunlight pic (note the new sun symbol I've been using :D). It really does look like this pretty much all the time though, even indoors. It's just really hard to capture the look on camera. If you don't know what a flaky is, it's like a glitter, but cooler. It usually has some amount of glitter or shimmer to take up the spaces in between larger "flakes" of a similar material. It makes a really cool effect huh?
When there is very little light or it isn't hitting it right, the flakes look like this. They don't sparkle as much, but it still looks really cool like mosaic tiles on my nails.
Sinful Colors Green Ocean has loads of shimmer and flakes in a tinted apple green sheer base. The flakes and glitter flash bright green, gold, and light blue. The application was a little bit difficult, but still worth it. The jelly base was a tiny bit thick. It was a little bit difficult to get the flakes to lay right. Sometimes they would be hanging off the end of my nail or onto my cuticle, and sometimes they would stick up a bit. Even with this, it still was pretty good for application, and it is SO worth it!

Do you own any flakies? Do you like them?
I'm dying for the Nfu Oh ones!


  1. Gorgeous pics!
    Nubar 2010 is amazing! :-) I just got this Sinful Green Ocean and have the Deep Red and Deep Blue too! I am going to try Green Ocean over black or a dark green!

  2. Ooh, that's pretty. I did not know what a flaky was, though I've been hearing the reference lately. Thanks for the education. :)

  3. @Kari - Glad I could help! I almost didn't post that definition lol.

    @Crystal - If you noticed my newly added wishlist on my navigation bar, that is SO on my list! I really want those others as well but I can't find them anywhere. Are they LE as well? When, where, and how did you find them?!?!

  4. this would look great over mint apple!

  5. I don't have Mint Apple yet BUT I'm getting Catrice Sold Out Forever in a swap soon :D.


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