Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cult Nails Sale

So Cult Nails is closing its doors and having a huge closeout sale. Their polishes go for $12 a bottle, but they're 75% off right now. The discount is applied in your cart once you go to checkout. Don't worry, you can see it before you commit. I put two polishes in my cart to play with, and with shipping and all it was $11.99. Shipped! So hop on it if you wanted some Cult Nails before they fade away!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Thieves Cleaner VS Ants

Thieves Cleaner 1 : Ants 0
I saw a trail of ants in the bathroom. I guess it's because it's getting so much warmer lately. My bathroom is pristinely clean because we're selling the house. I sprayed the ants with Thieves Cleaner that my husband made diluted 20:1. I wiped up the icky things and checked a couple times a day. It's been two or three days now and no sign of ants at all!

I honestly don't kill things, but ants are infesty and that's just not okay. I even leave spiders alone or take them outside. I used to use Windex to kill them on the spot, but they came back within minutes and I don't use chemical cleaners anymore. And honestly what little we have left makes me cough terribly. I can't stand to be on that side of the house, let alone in the same room. It even makes my one year old cough. Thieves cleaner kills 99.96% of germs and has no creepy side effects! I love it, and even my skeptic husband uses it!

Let me know what things you've used Thieves Cleaner for other than simple cleaning!