Friday, February 4, 2011

Zoya Kelly with Zoya Soho Punch

Zoya Kelly is a gorgeous dark gray creme with a hint of blurple to it. I was worried after I ordered it but before I got it that it would just be a normal, boring, dupey gray, but it's not. I really like it and it's definitely more exciting than just gray. This is totally a one coater. It was like 95% perfect so it could have used a second coat, but I knew I was going to layer something on top of it so I didn't mind.
So I played with Zoya Kelly and Soho Punch! Soho Punch is part of the Glamsicles collection where all these polishes are sheer, a different jelly base color, and contain glitter in different colors. The glitter in this collection is on the subtle side, nothing like Zoya Astra. I like to call it the sophisticated rainbow glitter. It flashes so many different colors. the particles are very tiny, and are slightly flaky. I wouldn't dub the polishes in this collection flakies, but they're glitters with a hit of flakiness. Soho Punch is the pink one in this family. I think it's really fun :D. This is a really intricate polish that looks different from every angle, so allow me to overload you with pictures.
Isn't it awesome? Soho Punch added a pink hue to my base color Kelly, and added all the cool glitter. Here are some close up shots of nails that looked particularly awesome in other pictures.

You like you like? :D


  1. Wow! I would not, based on bottle-appearances only, have thought that these two would blend so nicely together but it's a great look. I am so jonesing for Kelly. Really, really pretty!

  2. Really? For some reason I always had it in my head that it would look so awesome together. I really liked it! I'd also like to try this glitter over a lighter color. Hmm...what color?


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