Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Got the Greens - Flaky Gemma

I'm really on a St. Patty's Day green trip lately! A loyal fan asked me to swatch Sinful Colors Green Ocean over Zoya Gemma.
To the left is the lovely Gemma all by herself. She's a little lighter and more exciting in natural light.

This is 3 medium/thick coats because the fake nail I used was so huge. Below we have Gemma topped with one coat of the flakies. I did tap a couple in here and there to make sure it looked relatively even, so you could call it one careful coat.

The first on is actually in dimmer light, turned away from the light source. For some reason that really brings the flakies out. This is honestly more of what it looks like most of the time anyway. It doesn't have to catch the light just right for you to be able to see the flakies. The second picture is an example of what this combo looks like in pretty much the worst case scenario. Still gorgeous right? Right :D!

This is a pretty awesome St. Patty's Day combo, or for anytime!


  1. It's so pretty! thanks for doing this for me!

  2. No problem Patricia! Do you like it as much as you thought you would?

  3. This flakies are interesting ;)

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    xoxo ;*

  4. It is rather pretty but not as much I thought I would over Gemma! but thanks again for doing this for me :D

  5. Yea it was still nice though! I wonder what it would look best over?!


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