Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ulta Haul! - Ulta Cosmetics and Urban Decay

So I was doing my usual websurfing for awesome deals on makeup and the like. I came across like a million deals at Ulta. Remember, I posted about the Urban Decay deal? So instead of buying like $50 worth of stuff to get free shipping since I was pretty close anyway, I decided to actually stop by the store and see what was going on there. I knew I was dying for the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, so I picked that up first for $18. The deal for UD was buy $25, get two free lipglosses and an eyeshadow. Problem is, every single thing they had was super expensive. So I couldn't really get to $25 without going way over, and I am not that interested in throwing a ton down on a brand I have never tried (heard raves about the Primer Potion though). SO I decided to look around and see what else I could find.
Ulta had a deal going on where you buy $17.50 of Ulta cosmetics and get this bag full of free Ulta products. This bag has 14 items in it and is worth $88! The collection that they came up for the bag was called Sunkissed Glow. I checked it out and I would use like 90% of what's in there, if not all of it. Awesome deal, right? I have never tried Ulta cosmetics before so I was pretty excited. I picked up an Ulta Minerals Eye Shadow Duo in Fire Opal (champagne and medium purple, $12) and an Ulta Eye Crayon in Cocoa Puff (shimmery light brown, $8).
The eyeshadow was a good buy for me because I was looking for a darker neutral (I have a super light one I use a lot) and I don't have many purple eyeshadows. I also have hardly any nice brands of eyeshadow, so I really need to branch out. The Eye Crayon is pretty awesome. It's huge so it has a lot of product, and has an awesome eyeshadow sponge brush on the other end for blending. Fab!

Final haul:
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - $18
Ulta Minerals Eye Shadow Duo in Fire Opal - $12
Ulta Eye Crayon in Cocoa Puff - $8
Yellow Makeup Pouch - Free with deal
Ulta Eyeshadow Quad in Silk, Seashell, Stardust, and Brown Sugar - Free in bag
Ulta Eyeshadow Quad in Truffle, Trendsetter, Platinum, and Granite - Free in bag
Small Yellow Foldy Mirror (regular and magnified) - Free in bag
Ulta Amped Lashes Volume Mascara - Free in bag
Ulta Countour/Eyeliner Pencil (dual ended) in Chocolate and Black - Free in bag
Ulta Contour Lip/Eyeliner Pencil (dual ended) in Spice and Halo - Free in bag
Ulta Lipgloss (dual ended) in Goddess and Flirtini - Free in bag
Mini Ulta Nail Lacquer in Hot Spot - Free in bag
Ulta Lipcolor in Rose Gold Shimmer - Free in bag
Ulta Cheek (pressed blush powder) in Fame - Free in bag
Ulta Contour Brush size small - Free in bag
Ulta Contour Brush size medium - Free in bag
Ulta Eyeshadow Brush - Free in bag
Ulta Sponge Tip (for eyeshadow) - Free in bag
18 items!
Total value: $126
Subtotal: $38
-$3.50 coupon
Total paid: $35.50

This deal is good till Saturday the 12th, while supplies last (so call ahead if you're going for this), and your colors may be different at your store. At my store you didn't get to pick your colors, but every bag was the exact same.

So far I am loving all these products! Though, the lipstick and blush might be too dark for me. I have another polish or two I don't want as well, so maybe I need to jump on the band wagon and do a cheapy blog sale? Swatches to come! I started but my camera battery died lol...


  1. So the crayon actually worked out well? Good to know if anyone else asks in the future.LOL.

  2. Yes the crayon is awesome! That's actually one thing I forgot to swatch lol. Will do that and post in an hour or two. I love it! I want to be an offical Ulta product tester :P!

  3. Wowza! That gift with purchase looks AWESOME and your purchase choices are so my taste. I hope you'll enjoy it all! The nearest Ulta to me is about 40 minutes away so I don't get there often but if I wore makeup more often, it would DEFINITELY be worth a trip for those goodies. :)

  4. I love Ulta! I really just discovered it not too long ago!

  5. Great haul! And Urban Decay is pretty great! I'm using the Naked palette right now pretty exclusively for my eyeshadow, and the primer potion works great. (I prefer the regular to the tinted Sin one.)

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I want that palette, but last I checked it was $48. Not so sure about that. I would definitely use all those colors though!

    I have the original Eye Primer Potion as well. I LOVE IT!


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