Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

I finally got around to trying Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Laced Up! I bought them for $6.50 ($8.50 at Wal-mart with a $2 off coupon). I waited so long because they're supposed to last a whole 10 days, and I didn't know if I could handle not polishing all that time haha.
Sally Hansen Salon Effects are strips of real nail polish that have a sticky side that goes on your nail. They come in loads of colors too. The steps on the box say "Peel, Apply, Shape." They also "Last Up to 10 Days" and have no dry time.
Sounds easy right? There were loads of good reviews too (All Laquered Up, Valentine Kisses, The Polishaholic, etc) so I decided I'd try them. Well I freaking hated them. Like super fail. So let's start with the cons lol.

  • Took forever to apply - like 2 hours.........
  • Didn't want to stick to my nails, not very sticky. I had to use remover to sort of melt it a bit to make the part near the free edge stick.
  • Easy to tear when you're removing the excess
  • Annoying that there are 16 strips instead of 20 so you could get 2 uses instead of 1
  • Strips are really not that big so I don't think they'd fit wider or longer nails.
  • Didn't last any longer than a regular manicure - chipped after 2 days, awful after 3
    Yes I used a top coat.
  • Not a good price $8.50-$9.99
  • Says no dry time but pretty much everyone would apply a top coat to make it last longer anyway...meaning yes dry time.
  • Freaking awesome patterns and selections available
  • Easy to find - Drugstores, Walmart, Target, Ulta, online, etc
  • Looked great on, 99% like regular polish
  • You can use the extra strips as accent nails. Sometimes you can use one strip for two nails if you have shorter nails.
So now for some pictures of the Sally Hansen Salon Defects.
They're so easy to tear. I managed to kind of smoosh it back on, but it still looked bad.

These chips were with a top coat, normal stuff, after 2 days.

Bottom line: FAIL
Would I buy again? If they were $2.


  1. Ew, you weren't exaggerating when you said they looked awful.

  2. They were beautiful to begin with, but I'm with you...maybe if they were $2 instead of almost $10.

  3. Yea they were still really pretty. Honestly because the base color was flesh tones I didn't notice the chips as bad as I think you would have on like the neon pink or something.

    And yes Amber, ew. Disappointment...

  4. Oh no, I just bought Laced Up at my Ulta!!!! :(

  5. Mac I have heard a million good reviews. I'd really like to know how it goes!

  6. They are awful! Speaking from experience and once you open one of the 2 mini packs they come in and expose to air they can no longer be used

  7. When I used them I timed it and it took me 15 minutes to put them on. They were very easy, and they haven't chipped yet. Maybe it depends on the pattern you use, i used the dsign called "crowd surfer" and am very pleased


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