Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zoya Dove with her Sister Marley

I was in the mood for something sweet and simple.

Zoya Dove is exactly the gray I have been looking for! I need a simple light gray and tried many others to find they were too dark. I love her! She is a concrete light gray creme that applied fabulously in two coats, as we have come to expect with Zoya's :D. Unlike her other sister Caitlin, Dove doesn't really lean towards a certain color. She really is just a nice normal gray. I picked her up in a recent promo that Zoya did for National Women's Day. The whole Intimate collection was on sale for $25 and free shipping (worth $48, recently increased from $36).
I kept with my subtle, sweet, and simple look, and tipped Dove with Zoya Marley. Marley is a light lavender with a pearly shimmer. I freehanded the tips, as usual. They aren't perfect, but I don't think anyone would really notice. That's all that matters to me most of the time. I can never make myself redo a manicure unless it's really just ugh. Isn't this a pretty combo? I love how colors from the same collection go together so well. As they should! Did you notice the ring? I totally added that pic for the sole reason of all those manicure pictures where the woman is wearing an awesome ring and people always comment on that as well haha. I made this ring a while back with a genuine black pearl and sterling silver balls. Cool huh? :D

Did you notice how much shorter my nails are? I got sick of the upkeep with trying to keep my very broken nails attached. I just trimmed the three broken ones down as much as I had to...which was absolutely all the way for both my thumbs and stubby for my left pointer finger. It HAD to be my picture hand. So most of the full hand swatches are my right least for a while :~/.

I end this with my late night snack. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!
Samoas are my fave! :D


  1. cute combo and your nails look great!

  2. Thanks! I was hoping Dove would help me rock the short nails. She's pretty pimp.

    (Hopefully sending your package tomorrow, if not Thursday!!)

  3. Sooo sorry I didn't snag the women's day promo, particularly since I was saving up for the current one which, sadly, doesn't appeal to me at all. :( Fabulous colors, they look awesome on you!

  4. Nice french :)
    This gray zoya is awesome!!

  5. Thanks ladies!

    I have an extra Gemma Kari, if you like that one. We could trade!

  6. Love the combo! These two were made for eachother!

  7. Aw, thanks bunches, Megan. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. The ones I'm REALLY jonesing for from this collection are Caitlin and Dannii but ty anyway for the offer. :)

  8. I love this combination! So pretty!


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