Thursday, January 31, 2013

KB Shimmer All Decked Out

Ermagerd! I don't care if it's not Christmas anymore. I have a serious thing for KB Shimmer and love this polish!

All Decked Out is a nice forest green jelly with large/small/tiny hexes in gold/green/red/blue and gold stars.

Nom nom! This looks great with 2 coats! You could always add 3 if you want more depth or if you didn't get any stars (I think I got 2 or 3). It's very pigmented though.

Luuurrvvee! The stars do poke up a little like many shapey glitters. You could cover them with another coat or just some extra top coat. I don't care, I like them!

What are your favorite KB Shimmers?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sparkle Foof!

Lol what a cute name! My friend Amanda from Nail Polish Enthusiast made a franken for me.
It's a super sparkly teal with little glitter and large hexes in a rainbow of colors. This polish is perfect for me!!


My husband gave me another pedi. I have him trained so well he paints my toes probably half the time now!! :P

This is love :P

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zoya Lovely Swatches

 Zoya has a "Lovely" new collection out for Spring 2013 :P.

Zoya GeiGei is a cherry blossom pink with a metallic silver and pink shimmer.

This was nice with two coats.

Julie is a blue toned pale purple, lavender, with silver and purple metallic shimmer.

This was two coats, but a little patchy. It would have done well with three.

Piaf is a daffodil yellow with silver, yellow, and gold metallic shimmer.

It is a pretty yellow, and I like the finish, but I'm just not a fan of yellow polish. This one could have probably used a third coat as well, but not so much as Julie.

Jacqueline is a butter yellow creme, very pretty! I could get on board with this yellow!

This is two coats and was a little uneven. Maybe some thinner would have helped? Or just apply more coats in very thin layers, which is always best if you have the patience.

Neely is a pale sage green creme. It is much lighter than Bevin, which I know you're thinking of.

This was only one coat, nice!!

Blu is a pale sky blue creme.

Another one coater!!
As always, Zoya's collections go so well together! It's a bit hard to capture and perhaps would have been better with one of the metallic shimmers thrown in for contrast. I sponged Neely, Blu, and Jacqueline together for some fresh nail art.

You can purchase these for $8 each on Zoya's website.
Which are your favorites?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk Swatches

Rainbow Honey has a new Valentine's Day collection! I got two of the three and I love them!

Sweet Talk is a white crelly (creme/jelly) with hidden pink microflakie shimmer, large and small hex glitters in pink, purple, and pale light blue. Some of the glitters are a little irregularly shaped too, which I think is fun.

This built up nicely in two coats, but was a little thick so it was hard to spread evenly.

I thought it looked really cool as I started to remove it. It kind of takes the first layer of jelly polish off, but not the glitter. It would look cool again with a top coat. Or you could even try a different color of jelly!

I tried one thin layer over green, pink, gray, and purple to see how it would look. I like that you can see the color through it, but the real difficulty is getting that one coat even. I think it was great on the green and pink, but the others are just so so. You could do this with a little practice if you like this look!

XOXO is a sheer glitter polish with gold holo shimmer, pink and gold microflakies, and small and large pink hexes.

This is one coat of Rainbow Honey XOXO over Zoya Monica. The formula was good. No glitter dobbing or anything.

This is two coats of XOXO by itself.

 The collection is available on right now through the 20th, then on Rainbow Honey January 25th and on. Don't wait too long though, they're limited edition!!
They're $10 on her website. 
The sets of 3, like this collection, are $25. The sets of 2 are $19 and come with a cuticle balm stick!

(These products were provided for my unbiased review.)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Liquid Latex Polishing Tutorial

You may have heard of Liquid Palisade, the stuff you put on your cuticles or wherever you don't want polish, polish as usual, then peel off, and voila, right? Well it's $22, so nevermind. When I first saw it I thought...why not use liquid latex?
Cool right!? As you can see it's not perfect at all, but with practice I'm sure it would get better. It's only as perfect as you can paint it on. The great thing about this is if you mess up you can just fix it, especially with nail art. If you messed up in polish you'd have to repaint the whole nail. I actually like the more creative applications for this...
You could put it around your cuticles for water marbling or sponging - all those messy nail art techniques. 

An easy french

Some fun lines and random stuff. I tried doing dots too and those don't work out so well. It does really help when the latex goes over the edge of your nail and onto your skin so you can grab it more easily.

 Don't get too carried away though, and wait till the polish is all the way dry underneath. I did swirls and dots and came out with this...
 This is what the liquid latex I have looks like. I got it from Party City for Halloween. It's used for costume and theater makeup. We've used it to make gashes, peeling skin, and ugly wounds.

Be warned it totally messes up your brush, so don't use your favorite nail art brush or anything. If you like it, I'd pour it into an old striping polish bottle or something like that. Keeping the brush wet with latex seems to be fine. I have this soaking in some hot soapy water right now so we'll see what comes of it.

Not perfect, but fun right!? Definitely get some of this instead of Liquid Palisade. You can find little 1oz tubes for maybe $5, and my big thing was about $16. Especially around Halloween loads of places carry it - Walmart, Party City, those seasonal Halloween stores, Amazon, etc. I read that some people use white glue instead. It does peel off, but it seems like it would break off in little pieces easier instead of stretch like the rubber latex. I believe it's water soluble though so it should be easier to get out of brushes? You could even use your peel off glue base coat! Others have used eyelash glue too (it may be very similar to latex) if you have any extra tubes of that lying around.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lacquer Lust Moon Dancer

I love Lacquer Lust's pretty holos! This one is Moon Dancer!!
Moon Dancer is a lovely dusty grey purple scattered holo with a blue flash. 

You can see the flash a bit more here, but it was hard to capture. You can really see it better in person. Mmmm duochrome and holo!!
Perfect formula with no issues.

 Check out Lacquer Lust's Etsy shop here, and her Facebook page!
Her polishes sell for $7.50 each, which is think is really reasonable for an indie!

This product was sent to me for my unbiased review.

Friday, January 11, 2013

What Color are Your Undies?

 Today I have the Polished Components Underwear collection. The line is designed to be beautiful on its own, but also to work perfectly as underwear for glitter or another fun topcoat.

Here are all the colors together: Granny Panties, Crotchless, G-String, Bikini, Booty Shorts, Control Top, Thong

Control top is a shimmery nude frost that's a bit goldy.

 This is two coats. I thought I would fall in love with this one, as I'm toying with more nudes lately, but I'm just really picky about frosts. They're my least favorite finish. The formula was good except for the seemingly inevitable brush strokes from a frost.

G-String is a golden yellow orange with gold microflakies

 The city of gold! This is a really pretty color, and I always love the microflakie finish.

Granny Panties is a bright blue shimmer

I love what she says in the description of this polish: "Wearing granny panties never looked so sexy!"

 Booty Shorts is purple with super shimmer in blue and pink that has an awesome depth to it.

I love this shimmer in thiiisss! It's almost like a jelly, a little sheer, but super packed with shimmer. This could probably do with 3 coats instead of 2.

And then, in the middle of swatching these (I didn't do them on the same day) I broke like a million nails. So I went to nubs lol.

Crotchless....I feel like this is somehow appropriate for this polish. This is a dark charcoal grey polish with duochrome pink and blue shimmer.
You don't even understand how powinyourfaceshimmercolorchangingduochrome this polish is.
For some reason the swatch nail shows it better. This is definitely not hidden shimmer. RAWR
Bikini is a shimmery almost metallic green with some microflakies

This reminds me a little of Zoya Logan.

Thong is a reddish pink super shimmer with pale pink flakies.

Like the others in this collection with microflakies, you can see them better in the shade.

 I really love her label. It looks very professional. I'm not crazy about how she has the  name of the polish on white paper on the bottle cap, but there really isn't much space to put it on a mini. She may not even sell minis much, as I don't see them listed in either of her shops.
My absolute favorite from this collection is Crotchless. Seriously a great polish.

You can buy Polished Components in her online store for $8 or Etsy for $8.75. She also sells all natural bath salts! Check out her blog and Facebook page too!!

Do you have any Polished Components? Which are your favorites?

These products were provided to me for my unbiased review.