Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Stash Yo! - Updated

I updated my stash tab that you can click on above! I added how and where I store my polishes, and what I used to store them in. It's pretty awesome :D.

Sneak peek of my new Melmer:

You can see the rest of the post on my stash page!!

Rockstar Toes - China Glaze Atlantis

My toes look freaking awesome! Karin, from the Nail Polish and Gossip Facebook group, picked up this beauty for me! I was skeptical at first and thought it might not look as good as I wanted, but I put it on and BAM! Rockstar toes!

I swear this polish looks 100x better in person and way more blingy :D

China Glaze Atlantis is a teal jelly polish loaded with small round holographic glitter. In very dim light, the glitter appears silver, but it still super pretty. In dimmer light than you would imagine, the holo glitter really shines. Indoor or outdoor, in good light this polish is WOW! With a top coat this polish isn't gritty at all, but you can still feel the glitter a tiny bit when you rub your finger over it. It definitely doesn't bother me.

Bottle pic outdoors

This is a better representation of what it looks like most of the time - but it's even more sparkly in person!

Blurred to show glitter - still more glittery in person

Love this polish!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OPI Dazzle Me

This is another beauty from my OPI Super Haul. I'll be sending it to Amber from Rainbows and Sparkles now, but I couldn't help but play with it just a little lol.

OPI Dazzle Me is a light blue tealish polish that is sheer and shimmery. The base is tinted and packed with blue, silver, and light teal shimmer.

Bottle pic

Three coats

Two coats Dazzle Me over one coat black creme. Dazzle Me is more obvious in person.

This one is a bit blurry, but shows what Dazzle Me looks like more in person.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

OPI Absolutely Alice and Mad As A Hatter

I got some awesome polishes lately! Absolutely Alice I am in love with and will have to keep, but Mad As A Hatter I can part with for its Ebay price right now :D. As for AA, I can't wait to crackle this bitch!!
Bottle pic
Absolutely Alice is a bright blue slightly tealish base absolutely packed with blue microglitter and gold shimmer. It does look like the gold is ever so slightly smaller than the blue, and it is more sparse. It has full coverage and two coats and was not gritty!
Two coats no top coat. It really is not gritty and was surprisingly like 95% smooth. 

Close up

On the nail, yes this is my nail wheel nail lol

Blurred to show shimmer

Now for MAAH!!! OPI Mad As A Hatter is a very hard to find discontinued polish. It has a clear, almost slightly gray tinted, base packed with loads of glitter. The glitter colors I detected were silver, green, pink, blue, purple, and orange.The base, and therefore the overall polish to an extent, appears more purple tinted and certain angles. I find this happens more in the bottle than on the nail. The coverage was a little bit difficult, but not bad. I used three coats. I think it was just hard because I was so excited to apply the next coat I didn't wait for it to dry long enough lol!!!
 Bottle pic. Not this dark irl but shows glitter colors

 This pic seems to bring out the red and green glitter and accentuates the resemblance to Funky Fingers Icicle Lights

On the nail, yes it's my nail wheel :P. 

So what do you think? Do you have these already? Are you lemming these? Would you pay more than $8.50 for them since they're now hard to find?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

OPI DS Mystery

I just got a super haul of OPIs from Craigslist and have started the swatch madness. Meet OPI DS Mystery.

Here is a bottle pic.

This is after the first coat. It's not black, it's actually a super dark purple!!! It isn't really perfect at one coat though, so it might not be wearable like this. Maybe you could do it over a purple undercoat so it wouldn't matter as much.

And some swatches after 2 coats. See the gold/copper flakies?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ulta Coupon - $5 off $15

New coupon out for Ulta - $5 off $15. This expires 7/2/2011. You can use it in store or online. The online code is 19986. You can print the coupon directly from my picture, just click it to get it back to full size. Make sure if you resize it that you don't distort the barcode.

Free Milani Blush

Free baked blush for the first 10,000 likes on Facebook! Click the link to go to their FB page, like them, then click "free baked blush" on the left side. They only have 4,459 as of right now, so you should have a chance to get in on it! It's completely free - just enter and put in your address and they will send it to you. The shipping time is up to 4 weeks. The color is a little dark for me, but might still me nice. It's free ladies!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OPI Electric Eel

OPI Electric Eel is one I picked up from my recent Craigslist OPI super haul. It's gorgeous in the bottle. It's a sheerish shimmery light bright green. The base green is a little dusty and has bright green shimmer that flashes rusty orange.
This is three coats of Electric Eel with no base or top. It's really sheer, but still kind of cool. Just wait till you see this baby over black!
This is two coats Electric Eel over one coat black creme. This is obviously a great layering polish. 

 Here you can see the orange flash. It is a bit more obvious in person and happens whenever the nail isn't directly turned towards you. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Deals This Week In Makeup World

Deals are from 6/12-6/18

Spend $10 on Revlon face, eye, or lip, get $4 ECB
Spend $15 on CoverGirl get $5 ECB
Spend $15 on Maybelline get $5 ECB

Rite Aid:
Spend $10 on Maybelline cosmetics, get $3 UP
Maybelline cosmetics b1g1 50% off
Spend $10 on Bonne Bell or Jesse Girl, get $3 UP
Spend $20 on Burt's Bees lip, facial, or skin, get $5 UP (lotion)

B1g1 50% off L'Oreal cosmetics (coupons, $1 off)
Neutrogena cosmetics 25% off
Spend $30 on participating Neutrogena inc. cosmetics, get $10 RR (coupons, lip balm)
Maybelline foundation, eye, lip, and nail 40% off

Anymore you've run across?

Super OPI Haul

 That's right! Shabam! Totally found this deal on Craigslist. You should check yours, just in case. 
Moose liked the bag they came in.
He tried to get in it, but it was too small :-/.

Want to know the best part of the deal? She had Mad As A Hatter...and had no idea how much it was worth. 
Look and weep ladies. I'm totally selling this bitch on ebay!

I have already promised some of these away to my friends, but the others that I don't want are up for trade or sale!
So the entire list includes:
Dazzle Me - Amber P
Isn't it Romantic? - Kati P
DS Mystery - Me
A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find - Destany P
Sea Ya Later Sailor - Ashley Kersey or Debby L
Miami Beet - Jennifer R
Paint Your Mojitoes Red - Sorry Debby can't part with this one lol
Sahara Sapphire - Ashley K
Royal Rajah Ruby - Jen P
Light My Sapphire - Kati P
La Paz-Itively Hot - Kati P
Sweet as Annie-Thing
Party in My Cabana - Amber P, you should love me lol
Barefoot in Barcelona - (2) Me and Crystal W
Absolutely Alice - Me
Off With Her Red 
Mad as a Hatter - Make me an offer ;)
Didgeridoo Your Nails - Debby L
Jewel of india - Kristin K
Senorita Rose-alita - Me
Manicurist of Seville - Lindsay H 
Meet and Jingle
Mauving to Manitoba

Electric Eel - Debby L or Ashley K
Thanks So Muchness - Debby L
Halloween minis with no names
  Orange - Debby L
  Glow in the dark - Debby L
  Purple glow in the dark - Me
Start to Finish Base and Top Coat
Top Coat - Me
Zippy bag with hot chicks on it that the polishes came in

So the ones without names next to them are still up for grabs. That leaves Start to Finish Base and Top Coat, Meet and Jingle, Off With Her Red, Sweet as Annie-Thing, and Mauving to Manitoba.You can ask me on Facebook or email me at 

Here are some bottle pics of some of them.
 Absolutely Alice

 Mad As a Hatter

 Barefoot in Barcelona 

 Dazzle Me

 Digeridoo Your Nails

 Purple halloween mini

 Electric Eel

 Royal Rajah Ruby

 La Paz-itively Hot

Sweet As Annie-Thing

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My First Pedi

My amazing boyfriend bought me my first pedi for my birthday! He said I could even take a friend :D. Don't our toes look fab?

We used Zoya Rica and Zoya Drew!

Here I am on the way to my first pedi ever! Lookin' cute to match my toes lol.

First we got a nice foot soak! It was so freaking awesome and mentholy. The jets were probably the best part. And we also got to sit in awesome massagy chairs :D.

Then we get the trim and file and all that (my leg is so not that fat it's the perspective lol).

Then we got a salt scrub and a mud mask with hot towels. They also did the callous gel with the pumice stone. Later that day I rubbed my feet though, and they did feet a bit smoother, but still hard. I still have pretty serious callouses : /. And I was really sad because my friend got a foot massage and I didn't. Someone else did mine : /. It was my birthday pedi!!I know it's silly, but I'm one to dwell on things lol.

Well then we got the polish.

Then we sat under these cool alien drier lights (can you tell I have never had a pedi before?).

And now we have pretty toes! Yay!!!

Have you ever had a pedi? Do you get them regularly? Is it worth it?