Thursday, March 31, 2011

Polish Donation Sensation - Color Club

After I made the polish donation drive official, I tried to get the word out a little. I just posted on my facebook page, blogged about it, and posted on some other companies' facebook pages. I really didn't even try all that hard because I got such an amazing response that so many of you were interested, and I don't need a million bottles of polish for these little ladies.

There has been some progress in donations!! I have had 4 people contact me so far, including one company Color Club! They responded to my post on their Facebook page so quickly and were eager to help out the ladies at the elderly residential facility I'm doing a practicum at right now. Before I even replied they said they had already sent out a package! Freaking awesome! I was just so surprised and happy with how eager they were to help! I had no idea what they were sending, so I let them know how thankful we were, then played the waiting game. Sure enough it came on the one day a week that I actually go there. How cool is that?!? My supervisors were really happy about it and left the box for me to fully inspect. Well this is what I found - BEHOLD!

That's 36 bottles of nail polish, a base coat, quick try top coat, and nail strengthener. SUPER WOW! I have to say I'm dying to try some of those gorgeous colors and see if the Vitabase is nice since I've been wanting to try a nail strengthener lately. Totally going on my wishlist! I can't wait to use these on all the women who love having their nails done so much! Now dear god don't ask me to tell you the names of all the colors lol...There was quite an array though, and there was only one double. About half were mini bottles and half were full size bottles. They really kept the population in mind and sent all sorts of colors like light pink, super pale baby pink, pink shimmer, red, dark red creme, soft brown, taupe, beige shimmer, peach, cream, whites and pearlies, a couple french sheers, hot pink, frosts, so many different ones!!! Here is a little break down of the rows so you can see them a little better.

Thank you so much Color Club, on behalf of myself, my co-workers, and all the ladies at Our Lady of Perpetual Help!!


  1. Wow!! Thats amazing!!! Color Club is awesome!

  2. That is wonderful! Way to go Color Club!

  3. That is amazing, good job Color Club, they certainly didn't have to donate all of those!

  4. Awesome! Color Club is an amazing company!

  5. Congrats, Megan! The ladies will be looking gorgeous and yay, Color Club, for being so generous!

  6. I know how awesome! I would have been happy with like 3 minis lol.


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