Friday, March 4, 2011

Nail Art Contests

Just letting you know about a couple nail art contests I have run across lately so that you can enter and try your luck.

OPI - Katy Perry
Choose one of the displayed 5 nail designs that Katy Perry has sported in the past, and do your take on it. The grand prize is the entire Katy Perry collection (including the shatter), her Teenage Dream cd, and a guitar signed by her. Runner up winners will get that, minus the guitar. This contest ends March 15th.Konad - St Patty's Day / March Madness
For this one you have to do both a mani and pedi, and all nails of at least one hand and one foot must show in the picture. They have to be themed for St. Patrick's Day or March Madness, which (from googling it) I think it basketball stuff. You must use some Konad product in your design, like the stamping plates or special polish. They must be official Konad brand.

Color Club - St. Patty's Day
You can enter this one until March 14th. Enter a picture of your St. Patrick's Day themed nail art using creative appliques, decals, or free-hand nail art. You don't actually have to use Color Club in your entry for this one, but it would obviously be nice. You can enter up to 3 different designs!


  1. hi! I found your blog from a post you made on zoya's facebook fan page. I am following now! =] If you dont mind, I would appreciate if you stopped by my blog as well! Looking forward to reading future posts from you

  2. Thanks ToesThatTwinkle!! I can't decide if I'm going to do them all yet. I am wearing a pretty green combo with Color Club right now.

    Hi Vero! I'd love to follow yours too!!


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