Monday, August 15, 2011

Pedi From the Boyfriend :D

So he told me he would paint my toes before he left for deployment more than six months ago. He didn't have time, so I gave him a rain check. Of course I didn't forget!! Six months later...

He picked the colors for me :D.

Isn't is pretty? Not too messy either! This is NOPI Wile Blue Yonder Matte from Amber :D. It's a lovely, normal blue, glitter matte.

Here it is with the glitter - Funky Fingers Sand and Stilettos!

Bling bling holo!

And the finished product in the sunshine on our fishing trip!

Does your man ever do your toes? I love it!!


  1. Thats so sweet! And not too bad either, and he'll get better with more practice!

  2. Um, that is AWESOME!! I got Shane to help me paint my fingernails the other night. I'm totally gonna get him to do the toes next! :)

  3. You're so lucky! The one time I got my husband to paint my toenails, he painted my whole toe! Then said "Bet you won't ask me to do that again, will you?"

  4. My husband wants to do mine but I won't let him. I have a thing about feet.

  5. I love it when guys help out with their spouses,/gf's mani/pedi. That's how I started...Looks amazing Megan.


    George :)

  6. Hahahhahaha. Yeah right. He'd look at me like I was insane or laugh at me. Or both.

    And I -really- need a pedi right now, but STILL can't paint my nails with my wrist hurting like it is.

  7. Haha I love it! He has given me a pedi once or twice before.

  8. I'm so happy you are together again! ^__^ Those shades are very nice and in the sun they sparkle like crazy! :) My man never did my nails or toe nails :P sometimes he picks up the colours... but he always supports this passion of mine. He knows I love everything that has to do with nails and nail polish and he keeps saying I should never quit this (although it's becoming expensive for me since I'm unemployed :() And I thank him (my family also supports this passion :P)


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