Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday afternoon a 5.8 earthquake hit Mineral, Virginia. I felt here in Virginia Beach, VA, and others even felt it as far as Ontario, Canada, Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, all over the eastern US. It was my first earthquake experience, and given that there was no local damage, I thought it was pretty awesome :D. SO it inspired me. EARTHQUAKE!!!!!
Awesome right? 

 I started with OPI Barefoot in Barcelona...isn't she pretty? I like this tan nude on me. 

 Then I sponged on some Nina Ultra Pro Macchiato (burnt orangey brown) and a little Golden Rose Scale Effect 3 to give it a bit of a magma feel without making it too volcano-y. Earthquake, remember?

To bring back a little more dirt feel I sponged it lastly with Rimmel Steel Grey, which is totally more brown than grey. I kind of like this dirt look on it's own, but I couldn't resist.

I topped it off with China Glaze Cracked Concrete for....the cracked concrete lol. Fun huh? This is the opposite hand to the first picture. I love how each nail crackles so differently. 

Anyone do or see an earthquake mani? :D


  1. The earthquake was felt here in Mass! I didn't feel it but my friends did. Maybe I was too involved in a card game online lol

    Great Mani!

  2. Glad you guys like it hehe. I need to do a hurricane mani lol :O.

  3. its actually really cool, you got it perfect i think :D

    shel xx


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