Friday, August 19, 2011

Lovie Giveaway Winner!!!

Want to know who won my Because I Love You Giveaway?
So I counted up ALL the entries *whew*. 496 entries. I only threw out one person for cheating. There were 496 entries with a total of 189 entrants. That's a lot! I'm really happy with all the comments I got from you ladies in the form and glad that so many entrants seemed happy to read my blog and enter my fun giveaway. ---> 1-496, and the number it picked was 80! One of the earlier entries, hrmmm :D. So I went back and looked and it's someone from my super awesome facebook group. My lovely friend, and online polish girlfriend :D....

*drum roll*

Michelle Wray!!!

Yay Michelle :D! So glad it's someone I know and love that won, I always enjoy that. How funny too because when I went to announce it on the FB group she said I hope it's me haha! Well it is!! Hope you ladies have fun and better luck next time! :D


  1. Go me LOL!!!!! you need to check out my blog later today I can't say no more right now hehe ;) (its a surprise)

    shel xx


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