Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Heart Is Whole Again

Ladies, by the time you read this, my man will be home in my arms again. I scheduled in advance because I knew  I'd be busy spending time with my lovey. I will try to post pics of us though ;). Knowing I'll be spending so much time with him, I scheduled some guest posts in advance for about a week. My ladies really came through for me and I'm so happy with all the posts! You'll love them too! I will still be reading the comments ladies, so please continue to show your love!!

After six long months apart, we'll finally be together. While he was in the desert defending our freedom, I was holding down the home front. Now he gets to come home and help lol. Boy do I have a serious honey-do list for him! Although I'd never say anything is worth being away from my love for so long, I have learned so much this deployment and have taken some valuable things away from it:

  • I am strong. I can do it. He is strong. We can make it together. 
  • I can find a way to do what I need to do. Rubber jar openers come in handy when there isn't a man in the house. 
  • It's amazing how much of a mess one person can make. I can't blame it all on him anymore. 
  • No matter how much free time you have, you always feel like you don't have enough. 
  • Nothing makes time go by quicker or slower. It just goes. 
  • Most of the time there is nothing you can do about it. Accept this, and continue living life one day at a time. 
  • No matter how many times I tell myself I need to understand, it's still annoying to see someone complain about how much she misses her significant other when they'll only be gone a weekend. Feel free to help me get over this. 
  • Our love is worth all the lonely nights because I know he's coming back to me. 
This is what we call, in the deployment world, the Donut of Misery. It tracks how far you've come, and how far you have left to go. We got through 6.2 months, 26.6 weeks, 186 days of loneliness, and we did it together!

I made a sign for him to put inside the door so he'd see it the moment he walked in!

Here is the dress I'm picking him up in. 

 And now, finally, a closer look at the homecoming nails :D. I wanted to do red so it was patriotic and romantic at the same time.
I was worried OPI DS Tapestry that I wanted to use wouldn't be red enough, since it seems more of a blushed red slightly leaning toward orange, so I layered it over Sally Hansen Zip.
Here is just one finger layered with OPI DS Tapestry. 

 And this is one coat Zip and two coats Tapestry

The redness does vary in different lights. This is more of what I wanted from it. 

It didn't feel holoy enough, so I added some ChG Fairy Dust. This is the first time I have used it, and I love it! I was worried it would make it too silvery, but it really didn't. It just made it more scattered holo-licious!


Then I wanted to add a little more interest, so I used this red glitter that I haven't tried yet. This is a pic of it on the top of the bottle. WetNWild Blitzen is red tiny round glitter and medium hex glitter in a clear base. 

The finished product. 

Homecoming nails! They match my dress, are a little patriotic and romantic, and are just pretty so he'll like them :D. 

Hope you ladies will enjoy the guest posts I have lined up for you! So excited to spend some much needed time with the love of my life!! 


  1. go enjoy him now :) I am so happy he is home with you sweetie

    shel xx

  2. So happy you're getting your man back today!!!! :D

    And your dress and nails are gorgeous :)

  3. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I feel like crying right now!! LOVE YOU!! Enjoy your honey bunny!!!!

  4. I am BEYOND happy for you guys :) Army wives (gf's too!) are my real heroes :) Thank him for me, give him a great big hug and I'm happy he got home safe!

  5. AWWW so happy for you!!! :-) I was in a relationship with a guy in the army for a year, things ended rough (he was crazy) but I know how it is when girls complain that their boyfriends live 45 minutes away, or are gone for a weekend like you said. I know what it's like to survive a 13 month deployment. It's HARD but makes your love/relationship even stronger! Enjoy your time together! :)

  6. So happy for you and him, I remember when he was leaving. I bet you looked beautiful and I'm sure he noticed!

  7. Thanks so much ladies! We're having a great time catching up on everything we missed out on.

  8. This post has a serious lack of Jeremy's-face-at-home.....

  9. All I can say is "Wow, thats a long time" and I am sooo happyy for you :)

  10. I am so happy for you Megs I know ho hard it is to be without your hunny I am proud of you for handling it so well!!

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  12. I just stumbled on your blog and am enjoying it so far! I stopped biting my nails last year after having bitten them my whole life, so now I am dedicated to painting my nails.

    Congrats on having your man back home!

    I do have a question, how on earth do you put so many layers of polish on and still get it to dry? I swear I can barely get 2 coats to dry! EVER. I have to do one coat in the evening and the second coat the next day to get it to actually dry. Whats the secret? Especially in this post, you must have done like 6 layers of polish!! Help a sister out! :)


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