Friday, August 5, 2011

Guest Post: Catherine Arley Holo

This post is from my friend Tamala who is an awesome member of our polish and chat Facebook group!!! ~Megan

This polish is Catherine Arley 805.
I got this from a swap with another nail polish lover I connected with on Makeup Alley.  She is from Austria and I got this one and #800 from her.

You cannot really see the holographic effect with no light or sun, but it looks great otherwise.  I applied well but it seems to get thick around the neck of the bottle.  I used 2 coats with a base and topcoat.  The top coat did not affect the holographic effect.  I would say this lasted well for the 3 days I had it on.  It may have lasted longer but I was ready for another color.  Overall, I am very happy about it being in my collection. 


  1. What an awesome polish!

  2. I have none of these! I really need the Spectraflair topcoat so I can make everything holo :D.

  3. 1gram makes up to 12 bottles Megan I allow you to buy it and send me a bottle lol ;)

    shel xx


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