Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest Post: Multi-Chrome Goodness

This is Purple Beach by Nubar.  I have tried several of the Duochromes from Nubar and I have loved them all. This one was no different.  I am surprised though that they have not come out with just a set of Duochromes, they have sets of everything else it feels like.   

Well this was two coats of Purple Beach on top of Seche Vites Retain.  I have noticed that with alot of duochromes they tend to be on the opaque side and need at minimum 2 coats of polish, 3 probably working best.  Not that I usually use less than 2 but just the way they tend to apply seems to always be sheer.  The dry time on this was slightly slow but I am impatient.  I then topped it with Seche Vites fast drying top coat.  I love the way that top coat makes everything just a little more shiney :).  
This one is in sunlight. 
So to describe this color is trickier than most.  I can not really decide if it is a purple with brown duochrome and gold shimmer, or a brown with purple duochrome and gold shimmer.  You decide from the pictures.


  1. Pretty! I love how it looks really purple in the sunlight.

  2. Sooo pretty! I loves me some Nubar!


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