Monday, August 29, 2011

Madison the 5yo Vlogger - Giveaway

I came across this awesome video today...have you seen the 5 year old beauty vlogger Madison? I heard about her a month or so ago and she's just the cutest thing. She really knows her stuff too. Well she's holding a sigma brush kit giveaway where you sent your entry through the mail, so I thought it would be fun to enter :). You should too!

Here is her video:
Isn't she adorable? "I know my hair is pretty." Watch some of her other videos too. They rock.

I wrote her a little letter and added my favorite polishes of the moment at the bottom just for fun since I know she's into polish :D.
Then signed it:
I thought it was fun and an interesting take on giveaway entries :D. Don't make fun of my handwriting...

Anyone else <3 Madison?


  1. Haha she has attitude! So cute though ;D

  2. i think she is adorable! i have shamelessly subscribed to her channel lol! <3xxx

  3. Michelle you should enter! It's open internationally and you have to be a subscriber anyway :D.


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