Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birchbox August

 Woohoo! I always love getting this in the mail! Looks pretty interesting this time. It came with a nice size of Befine night cream, Befine exfoliating face wash sample pack, Twirl perfume sample by Kate Spade, Lift Lab Lift & Fix High Potency Solution which I'm assuming is to help wrinkles and the like, Blinc water resistant mascara in what looks like full size, and a Twistband hair tie.

Here are the descriptions.

This is the mascara out of the packaging tube. It kind of looks like a cigar case. I haven't tried this yet. 

I have been using these nightly for the past two days. Obviously I haven't seen any results. They don't feel weird on or anything though. Kind of hard to review this lol. 

I've heard some raves about the Twistband and I really like mine. It isn't freaky special, but I do think it's a little better than a traditional hair band. I feel like it reduces the chance of getting the dreaded pony tail crease because it's wider and spreads out the pressure. I do like the way it looks on my wrist too :D. 

What did you get in your Birchbox?


  1. Same as my box, which I was happy to get.lol

  2. I liked it but looking at some of the other boxes I wish I got a mix of mine and the others lol. Anyone want to get rid of some stuff? :D

  3. I love Blinc mascara, it's my HG. Major difference in wearing when compared to other mascaras as it doesn't run or smudge or flake. Fantastic. Great post!

  4. I'm glad I signed up for BB. I get my first box in September :) And this entry made me all the more excited!


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