Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Post: Glitter Gal

Thank the lovely Claire from Shatter Me Claire!! ~Megan

G'day readers *waves* Hello from Australia. I thought I'd review an
Aussie brand for you today [since that's what I'm most used too] while
I'm filling in, and one that is available internationally! If you are
into holographic polishes then you'll wanna add this to your wish
Glitter Gal - 3D Holographic Red
Purchased from GlitterGal
- $11.95 AUD
[overseas purchase from this
eBay shop
 for $14.95 USD ]
[** Disclaimer ** This pretty bottle is from Glitter Gals "Bling"
range - it's the exact same polish as what you'll get in the regular
range and the exact same bottle and brush - it's just a different top
which you have to pay an extra $3 for the luxury of having]

Glitter Gal is an Australian company that was started by 2 girls in the
beauty industry. They are the big 3 free and pride themselves on only
using  "Glitter Gal prides itself in understanding the current
and future trends and has created a makeup range using a kaleidoscope of
bright sparkly colours, packaged in high fashion animal prints and

I've seen numerous people be disappointed with the size of these
polishes so I really want to mention it first. They only come in
9ml/0.3fl oz bottles and the size difference is obvious compared to
China Glaze and OPI bottles.
Also there is the fact that these polishes are a bit expensive ... well
expensive depending on where you are in the world. In Australia, nail
polishes are generally a lot higher in price than places like the USA.
OPI retails here for $20 AUD and I saw some Essie in the shops the other
week for $23 :( Even "drugstore" brands like Revlon retail for close to
$15 AUD so really the Glitter Gal price isn't too bad.

I've swatched today as 1 single coat over a nude base - yes you heard me
... 1 coat! They also look fantastic worn over black! If you don't put a
base coat you are looking at 2-3 coats to be fully opaque. Apologies in
advance for some of my photos as it's been cold and wet and little to no
sun :(
This is as "unholo" as I could get it just so you can see - took me ages to get this! It's just impossible to get as there is still sections of brightness coming through.

See the rainbow coming through
Sparkle sparkle

** Final Verdict **
If you are a holo junkie then you'll want to put this on your wishlist.
The full range of colours is on the Glitter Gal website which I'd
suggest you'd check out before ordering as some colours come both in the
"3D" and the "sparkle" and I'd hate anyone to order the wrong one!
 They also have new colours such as a holo white coming out soon!


  1. Cute bottle!!
    And amazing polish!
    Too bad for the size )=

  2. This is what I was looking for in OPI DS Tapestry. It's still gorgeous, just not red red. I love this!

  3. I just took this color off!! SUPER LOVELY!!

  4. Love the colour but the bottle is a little bit tacky to me.

  5. Love this color and you did a great job as guest blogger. Your nails are amazing looking! Gorgeous colors.


    George :)

  6. this is gorgeous and i love that bottle <3

    shel xx


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