Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Back!

Really I've been here all along, reading your comments and chatting here and there as always. I've just been SO busy! His parents left recently and we've just now started to get time to ourselves again after his deployment. Not to mention I still have work and school starts in a couple weeks. But I'm here and wanted you to know we're having an awesome time!!!

This is us before dinner at the Melting Pot, a lovely fondue place, one of the first nights we had back together. He looks so fine in his custom suit!

 Here we are on a fishing trip where we caught like 50 croaker between the 4 of us and had an amazing fish feast that night with plenty left over. I also caught a blowfish, and boy did he taste good. I ate that bitch up.

 Here is our catch all together.

 Jeremy caught two at once!

I wrangled the shark that his mom caught :D.

And here we are at the comedy club that we like to visit down town.

We've been having a blast! I'm going to get back into blogging as much as possible, don't worry. I won't disappear or blog a lot less. He's already fussing that we're never going to get out of the house at this rate lol!


  1. Love this post Megan! It's fun to see what bloggers do IRL! Makes them more real.

  2. Thanks Jeanie. I like it when bloggers do that too.

  3. Such a great post!

  4. Wonderful post! So good to see you enjoying yourselves. How good is the Melting pot?!


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