Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guest Post: Military Appreciation

Hey to All of Megan's Awesome readers! This is Sarah from Samarium's Swatches.
 I am so excited to bring you this post today!! I am not that excited about how it turned out, but so excited for the reason she needs guest posts! I tried to do a military Mani because I know relatively what she has been though, it is close to my heart <3 My Hubby is in the Army and only a few months ago he returned home too, It always warms my heart to see loved ones being reunited. I live on post and everyday I see families going through deployments & separations, and it makes me appreciate military wives, husbands, girlfriends etc so much more especially after being one, I have nothing but respect for these women & men and wish them all the best!
For my Nails I tried to represent the US Navy, Army, Air Force, & Marines. I failed pretty bad (imo) haha But I am still new to freehanding, and I think you at least kind of get the idea LOL 
Try to ignore my little nubbin I broke it last night :( I hope everybody had a absolutely AMAZING week, Especially Megan & Jeremy <3  But I think we all know you will be ;) hehe


  1. aww Sarah this post is awesome you did a good job! I know Megan will be reading so get back to Jeremy hehe! scoot!

    shel xx

  2. I think it looks wonderful!

  3. Great job Sarah! How sweet of you :D

  4. Sarah you did an awesome job!!!! I love it!!!

  5. Nice job Sarah, love how it's supported by the two military nails, they look awesome and you did a fantastic job...


    George :)

  6. Yes I just love it! I feel like we left out Coast Guard though lol.

  7. Haha Megan yeah I was thinking that, but I was sleepy haha
    D: Lets just pretend I did my thumb coast guard LOL


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