Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest Post: Max Factor Polish

Meet Stacy from Stacy's Nail Diaries! ~Megan

This is Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Dazzling Blue. 
Despite my pics not showing the true multi-chromatic nature of this polish, it is a duo-chrome/multi-chrome that glints teal, green, royal blue, and purple depending on lighting. 
This is 2 coats of MF Dazzling Blue over 3 coats of Lex Cosmetics PeaBow, one coat of Seche on top. I got this one in a swap from my friend in the UK :) 

Application is gorgeous - no visible brush strokes, very smooth. I looove the color(s) and the shine. Can't stop staring at my hands! :) Sorry my pics are crummy. I tried SOOO hard to capture from different angles and it just doesn't do it justice. 


  1. Thanks Megan for the awesome opportunity to guest post for you! :)

  2. How fantastic! I saw this bottle the other day and was curious to how the polish would be! I might have to pick it up if it's there when I go back :)


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