Monday, August 1, 2011

EOTD: Playing With Color

I really love colorful things, and like to play with color in my makeup as well. I used to think very bright looked ho-ish, but I feel like the average person can totally pull them off if done the right way. Here is what I like to do.

I love colored eye liner, and the Jordana ones from Walgreens are retractable (no sharpening ever) and are just $1.99 and often on sale for 99cents!! They aren't the best eyeliner in the world, but totally good and worth the price for sure. When playing with color I like to use a neutral for most of the eyelid to tone down the overall look and make it more wearable. My go to neutral shadow is No7 Wheatsheaf. Some No7 products can be found at Target, but not this one. It comes straight from England :D. My color of choice here is Sephora Fame and Fortune in a bright green glitter.

First I line the top lid with the colored liner. I never usually do the bottom lash line because I think it looks weird on me, even with my normal makeup.
Then, using an angled eyeliner brush, I follow the eyeliner with my colored eyeshadow starting from 3/4 in all the way to the outer corner. Near the outer corner, I start making the line thicker and more bold.
Finally, I add the neutral all over the lid, starting from the top down so I don't get green all over my lid. Then I gently brush some over the top of the color to blend the two together and tone it down.

 Green and pretty :D. 

 See, pretty toned down for a bright color, but still green. Totally wearable right!?!

This is a pic of the finished eye, but you can see the eyeliner well here. It's blended nicely, which is why I put it on first. 

Now if only I could get mascara on the top of my lashes without getting it all over my skin lol....


  1. looks great with ur eye color! purdy!!

  2. I know it sounds crazy, but a lot of asian websites sell these things - and even sephora too - called eyesheilds, they protect your eyemakeup when you are applying mascara. They really work!!!


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