Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EOTD: First Day of School!

This is the first day of this semester, my last year of college, wahoo!!! Here is my look for the day:
 Nothing too special, just me and what I like :).

I used my Urban Decay Ammo Palette that I got in a swap. I love it!!

I didn't take pics in stages, just the finished product.

I used brown Almay eyeliner and Rimmel Lash Flirt Mascara. 

I added a little accent to the corner of my lower lash line with Mildew. It really doesn't show well in the pics but does in person. 

 I used Sin all over, with Smog along the lash line and thicker on the outer edge. Maui Wowie has a little glitter and a grungy browny greeny bronzey look to it, so I swiped a medium line of that above the Smog to add some fun. 

I am loving my eyeshadow palettes lately! Anyone else have the Urban Decay Ammo Palette?


  1. Look at you, cutie! I love that necklace! Hope you're having a great first day! xo

  2. Your overall look for going back to college is gorgeous! Love urban decay eye shadows, smog is one of my favorite:)

  3. Pretty !!! Im jealous you have the ammo palette btw

  4. Love it! Hope you had a great day at school...congrats on it being your last year!

  5. this is pretty ;D i love the palette too it looks awesome! xx

  6. wow! you're so beautiful.. i like your hair.


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