Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Splatter Pedi!

Going with the splatter craze The PolishAholic started, I tried a splatter pedi! And going with Lindsay's advice I used a small capri-sun straw. 
 I used NOPI Virtuous Violet as a base color, ChG Peachy Keen, Borghese Paradiso Pink, and Zoya Stacy.

Here is Virtuous Violet. This is my very first true matte! It looks gorgeous and sparkly!!

Here is my work space. I made a huge mess. 

FYI it is REALLY hard to reach your toes with a little straw. Splatter pedi - not the best idea I ever had :P. 

Messy messy!!

And here are some toe close ups for you. It was really fun! 

Have you tried a splatter manicure yet? My friend Sarah did and it was awesome! Let me know if you like my splattercure and if you've tried it yet or want to :P. 


  1. that looks awesome! like the colours :D

    shel xx

  2. I don't think I could reach my toes to do this! I'm bad enough at painting my toenails the regular way lol
    I did a splatter mani and loved it though, would love to do it on my toes but I's have to enlist help from the bf!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    And Helly I totally thought about that. I wonder if he would like spitting on my toes haha. I'll have to commission a splatter pedicure from him when he gets home from deployment. Soon soon!

  4. LoL, I congratulate you. NO way could I reach my toes.

  5. Megan they look totally cute! If I can ever bend myself into a pretzel and reach my toes, I'll have to try this! Splattering is always so messy...but so much fun! Btw, thanks for tagging my blog in here =]!

  6. Lol Harri I barely managed it. I often missed and tried to do it from farther away. I totally fake splattered the pinkie toes.

    No problem Lindsey! Your post was really helpful! :D

  7. That turned out great! Did you see my 4th of July splatter? ... I'm barely confident reaching my toes to paint them 'normally'... NO WAY could I ever to a splatter on them! lol

  8. That base colour is really pretty looking. The splatter is really cool, will definitely have to try this out sometime :)

  9. Fun! I'll definitely try this sometime but I'll stick with my fingers. You've got mad skillz, girl. ;)

  10. Ooh I love how it came out!! I so want to do a pedi one now!! Wortht he effort since i don't change my toe nail polish as often as my nails!

  11. It was fun haha! Someone mentioned that I should have videotaped it. Would have been fun to watch my pretzel to reach my toes!


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