Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facebook WHAT?

So I was looking at my followers, and I have almost 100 more Facebook followers than blog followers. I would think it would be the other way around. What WHAT? lol

So how does this work ladies, you just see me on FB but don't follow me to my blog? You post here too but aren't following and just follow my FB? I'm so confused haha!

Anyone else have more FB followers than GFC blog followers, or am I backwards?


  1. I think it's cos nearly everyone has a facebook so people who don't have a blog can find you and follow your page but you have to have a blogging account/google reader to folow your blog?

    Could that be right? I'm not sure as I have just set up a facebook page and I am pretty new to blogging too :)

    Hope this helps :)

    Also I followed everyone off PAA and only got 10 people following me back!

    Have a good day

    Purple Fairy Dust

  2. I also have more facebook than blog followers...I think cause most of my friends on facebook don't have blogs and aren't bloggers but like following my page to see what stuff I do there. SO that could be why for you also?

  3. I only follow your blog 'cause I don't have a FB account.

  4. I just started using my blog account to start following people, I think facebook is easier, it's all in one place!!

  5. Yea I guess facebook is easier and quicker. I definitely see loads of blog posts there I would have never noticed. I feel like my fb page is dead though! Go chat on it lol!

  6. I only have the Facebook. But I think I find it easier to just facebook follow and wait for you to post on facebook, rather than use the blog reader.


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