Friday, July 1, 2011

Nails for a Cause - Gay Pride and Support

Yea yea I'm kinda late. It's still June here for 10 minutes till July. Any time is a good time to celebrate gay pride though!

So June is officially Gay Pride Month. I have always been supportive of the LGBTA community and am glad I can show it on my nails. Jump on the bandwagon, even if you're late like me, cause loads of other bloggers did (here, here, here, here, here)! I decided to do a rainbow skittle mani with glitter and heart accents :D
 It was impossible to get a picture of both my hands together, and impossibly hard to get pictures of them looking like they were both together or this is the best I got lol. Click on them to make them bigger.
 Here are my swirly marbled hearts that I did with a toothpick. Not great but not bad either! I did a pink and blue one to symbolize male and female, and how they can mix however they'd like. It's about the love not the gender :).

I added Diamond Cosmetics Glitter Opal for the rainbow shimmer. Then I just had to flaky them.

I used one of the Golden Rose flakies I got from my dear friend Kati in a swap. This is Golden Rose number 13. It dries to a sort of satin finish, as you can see in the first pic below. Then I added a top coat in the next pic.
The flakies are absolutely gorgeous and 1000000 times better in person. It's just another one of those things that is so difficult to capture with a camera. In person the flakies have so much more fire and you can see them over the whole nail all the time.

Here are the nails without the glitter topcoat or flakies.
LtoR: ChG Seduce Me, ChG Hey Sailor, CoverGirl Candy Corn, Pure Ice Excuse Me, Zoya Gemma

LtoR: Revlon Emerald City, Zoya Breezi, Sinful Colors Fiji (much more purple in person), Zoya Kieko, OPI Sparrow Me the Drama


  1. Love it! The hearts are so cute! I feel dumb I forgot to say mine was for gay pride in my post but that was the whole reason I did it! Then a bunch of people asked for a tutorial and I guess I zoned out!

  2. Thanks! Yea I posted yours anyway cause I figured that lol.


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