Thursday, July 7, 2011

My First Deborah Lippmann!!

Super quick post, my parents are visiting!

We went to Nordstrom for the first time and I saw my first Deborah Lippmans in person! Okay so I don't own any because I didn't buy them...but I did notice the testers and slapped some on! So I tried on my first DL!!

Note these are awful so totally not swatches, just fun stuff!

Two coats DL Glitter in the Air - Still super sheer, but awesome with baby blue large hex glitter, baby blue tiny round glitter, baby pink large hex glitter, baby pink small hex glitter, and silver small hex glitter.

DL Across the Universe - Yea totally messed it up and messily slapped on two coats, couldn't really stand there in the store and wait for it to dry lol. Still awesome with tiny round green and blue glitter, then large hex glitter in green and blue! The blue base is darker than I thought though, so the dupe might do well for me :D.

Thanks ladies and hope to catch up soon!


  1. Ooh, what is the Across the Universe dupe? Me want! Hope you're having a good visit!

  2. The Icing store duo with Force of Love. I wish I could do a comparison. There are some out there!

  3. Nice! I've never seen any DLs in stores either so I'd be testing them too!

  4. Yea so that's why it was so awesome! I was like they have testers! SWEET!


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