Friday, July 1, 2011

Mail Haul! Makes My Day

I was having a really rough day today, and checking the mail really helped! I got a package from Anamaria today and I was like wtf is this....oh YEA I won her giveaway :D.
She sent me a cute little package with some extras. I like Diet Coke by the way :D.

Here are the beauties: Hard Candy Beetle and Fabuluxe
And the rings they come with totally go with my Gay Pride mani :D

In addition to the gifts from the lovely Anamaria, I got some of the free samples I signed up for.
I got 3 Kotex U products, and they look pretty snazzy! The free sample is still available, as well as coupons here and here!
Dude even the pads have designs. My vagina will be stylin'.

I also got my free Milani blush from their free sample on their Facebook page a couple weeks ago!

It's Milani Baked Blush in Terra Sole

Might be a bit dark for my skin tone though, what do you think? I usually use a medium rose pink for blush and don't use a bronzer. I will give it away if ya'll think it would look bad, or swatch it if you like. Or both!

Good mail haul day!


  1. LMAO @ your stylin' vag! You crack me up, girl! I got my Milani blush, too and I definitely think it's too dark for me (we have similar skin tones) but that's really your call. I'm going to give mine to my mom when she comes down to visit next month. ;)

  2. Pshh I bet you Vag is already Style'n & Profile'n lol

  3. I work on that Sarah. I haven't tried the flames cut yet. *feels creative*

    Yea good idea mum is coming like next week and she's darker than I am. Not sure she'd really use it though...hmm.

  4. Yay you got my package!!! woot woot!!!

  5. package of nail polish is so cute:)


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