Sunday, July 17, 2011

Manis for a Cause: MADD

The ladies at NPG Facebook group love doing manicures for causes. In the past we have done gay support, supporting the death of a loved one, ovarian cancer, justice for Caylee Anthony, loads of things. Lately another cause came to us that is near and dear to our hearts: Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Or as I like to say EADD - Everyone Against Drunk Driving. Why should it just be mothers :P ? Many people, in our group and in the world, have experienced the horrors of drunk driving by losing someone through an accident caused by an impaired driver. One of our members, Brittany, has a particularly touching story about how she and her friend's family were hit by a drunk driver. Brittany was recovering from the accident for a year, and her friend, the mother of the two children in the car, died. Read her story here, read her sister's account of the tragedy here, and watch the video Brittany made of what happened below.

Though you may not be able to stop others from drinking and driving, you can control what you do. Don't ever get behind the wheel if you might be remotely impaired. Take a look at this chart that I found to estimate your blood alcohol content after so many drinks. Mine says I would be under the legal limit at about 3.5 drinks, although it varies by body fat content, how much you've eaten before, etc. Honestly I couldn't drive safely after two, so obviously it varies. The thing that sticks out to me though, is what is considered one drink. One ounce of liquor, or one shot, is one drink. So imagine that margarita at dinner that looks like one drink, but could have 2, 3, or more ounces of hard liquor in it. Keep that in mind when you're drinking a little and plan on driving. Buzz driving is drunk driving.

*gets off my soap box*
Onto my manicure :D. I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps for my red manicure in support of Everyone Against Drunk Driving. ChG Ruby Pumps is a rich ruby red jelly with bright red micro glitter throughout. The first coat looks quite berry colored, but it reddens up with the second coat. I did three coats for perfect, but two would have been fine. Please ignore my super short breaky nails :D. 

You can see the sun catching the different red if the glitter here. 


Go go glitter!

 Against the black of my coffee table you can really see the bright red. 

Here is a sunlight bottle picture. 

Many of my other lovely ladies did manis for the cause: Brittany, Liz, Jeanie, Kari, Holly, as well as many other girls in the Nail Polish & Gossip group. Join us for madness, polish chat, and fun events like manis for a cause. Right now we're also doing "Polishing Off the Pounds" where you can commit to losing weight (if you want to) and the winner gets the pot of polish that all participants contribute to. Fun huh!?!

Here are some manis from some of our ladies (with permission):
OPI Ali's Big Break - By Donna McCrudden

OPI Thanks so Muchness - By Jen Miracle

Estee Lauder Pure Red - By Ashley Kersey


  1. Awesome post, Megalicious! I can see now why everyone loves that color. It's beautiful. xoxo

  2. Yea but for some reason my pics were awful this time around lol. I just took like 20 and assumed some would be great and none were.


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