Thursday, July 28, 2011

Longwearing Lip Color

In my quest to find a lip color that actually lasts, I have tried quite a few. When it's a normal lip stick or a gloss, it isn't so bad to reapply it. But sometimes I want one that I won't have to worry about touching up! I have tried:

MaxFactor Lipfinity (good but not available in the states anymore)

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain (fun to apply, didn't last)
Covergirl Outlast Double Lipshine (didn't last at all and came off really ugly)
Covergirl Outlast Lipcolor
AAhhhh finally! This is the one you want! I used my Covergirl Outlast Lipcolor in Soft Pink Satin #800 and it was so fabulous! Let the pics do the talking!

Time passed 0:00 - Here it is at the very beginning, without the lip balm topcoat that comes with it.

Time passed 0:00 - At the beginning after the top coat, really feels nice now. 

 Time passed 0:00 - Outdoors with top coat

 Time passed 0:30 - And after eating macaroni trying to eat normal

 Time passed 1:35 - Still fab

 Time passed 4:10 - Still great

 Time passed 5:30 - After a shower, almost freaking flawless

 Time passed 5:30 - Reapplied top coat for the first time

 Time passed 9:00 - The color is a little faded, which makes the imperfections in application more obvious. I still think it looks freaking awesome. 

 Time passed 18:25 - I went to bed with it on because it still looked good and I wanted to time test it. This is how I woke up. 

Time passed 19:00 -  Overall look before school, still wearing it. Wow!

 Time passed 21:30 - This is after eating 3-4 meals, showering, sleeping, brushing teeth, everything. It honestly didn't look that bad, but it was faded and coming off a bit on the inner lip which you can see int he pic below.

 Time passed 21:30 - Pic to show the wear on the inner part before I finally took it off. 

There you have it ladies. I'd say this was pretty much perfect after 20 hours of wear and normal daily activity. Freaking amazing right?

This was easy to apply with the lipgloss style wand. Because it is long wearing and is kind of a lip stain, you have to be really careful not to mess it up and paint out of the lines. It also dries very quickly, so you need to paint each lip quickly. If you want to go back over it I feel like that's when you can see the thicker areas and it doesn't always look even. You're not supposed to rub your lips together like you would after applying a traditional lipstick. You apply to one lip, then the other, and hold your mouth open for about 30 seconds more or until they're totally dry. Then apply the top coat, which adds moisture to it like a regular lipstick and is supposed to help it stay on. 

Let me know what kind of long wearing lip color you have tried and what you liked and didn't like!!

This product was purchased by me and reviewed just for you!


  1. I have that last lipstain and it's AMAZING. I guess they discontinued it though because I never see it in stores :(

  2. I totally see it in stores still! It comes in a little box with both the lip and top coat. I see it in the drug stores and Walmart and places like that.


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