Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crackle Toes!

I decided I haven't used my crackles enough, so I did a crackle pedi! I began with Sonia Kashuk Tutti Frutti, which I won from the 1 year blogiversary giveaway of Death by Polish! Isn't that awesome? I love winning giveaways!
 Tutti Frutti is a hot pink neon creme, but there is something a little special about it. It's more of a coral, or a pink leaning towards orange. Death by Polish called it a coral leaning red in her post.

 Here it is with just Sonia Kashuk Tutti Frutti on my toes. 

 I wanted to do something like the neon splotchies with crackle over it, so I started sponging. This is the pink with Pure Ice Excuse me (sparkly yellow) and Zoya Kieko (purple) sponged on top, then topped with a sparkle topcoat of Diamond Cosmetics Opal Glitter. 

Here it is with China Glaze Black Mesh on top. You can see some yellow peeking through. 

 Obviously the colors and pattern I did underneath weren't bold enough to show through the crackle. 

 Here is some more showing through on a little toe. 

And another little toe showing the different crackles. 

Fun huh!!!


  1. Very cute, my daughter likes the crackle on her toes too.

  2. I love crackle polishes! Looks great!

  3. that cracked well ...mine never look like that

  4. Hi Megan: You have such beautiful toes love this particular mani, also love the crackle affect. What's your secret for as perfect crackle effect? Looks lovely with the purple nail glaze...


    George :)

  5. I am totally not a crackle pro. This is really only the third time or so I have used them. I think an issue I had before was trying to do a coat as thin as freaking possible. I think a kind of normal coat works best, and I have heard a light touch is important when applying.

    The only thing I don't like about crackle is that it is more of the overall color than the color beneath, which is what you really want to see more of.


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