Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MAC Gem of Roses

So I just happened to go to Nordstrom for the first time the day the MAC Semi-Precious collection came out. Awesome! My mum was visiting me from Tennessee and we decided we needed to splurge on some MAC. She got MAC Eyeshadow in Malt and MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam V. She got me one of the new lipsticks from the Semi-Precious collection Gem of Roses!

The eyeshadows in this collection are particularly gorgeous. Check out some great swatches of some of them here and here. I wasn't able to find a site that had the entire collection together. I really want the lipglass in Looks Like Sin!
So here is MAC Lipstick Gem of Roses
Wanna know what's so freaking cool about this? My first and middle names are Megan Leigh Rose. Gem is Meg backwards. Gem of Roses = totally my lip color. I feel like it's named after me :D.
Gem of Roses is described as a midtone strawberry pink by Mac. It's a satin creme with only the slightest shimmer. I don't like shimmery lipsticks, but I feel like this is just enough to make it undetectable on the lips but add that extra bit of fab. I feel like midtone strawberry pink is pretty accurate now that I hear it, but I would add a bit of mauve and red to that as well. It's quite a lovely berry color that looks pinky sometimes and has more red other times.

This is my first MAC purchase ever and I'm so excited and happy about it! The lipstick applies well, isn't sticky, and feels smooth and moisturizing. It doesn't bleed out from the edges, it doesn't get on my teeth, and it doesn't stain the skin around my lips when I mess up and need to wipe off the edges. It seems to last pretty averagely, a couple hours. Of course eating reduces that pretty drastically. I did notice that it sort of stains my lips, in a good way, though. After I ate pretty quickly after applying it was still on probably 80%. It was more faded but the color was totally still there. I love this!!

Now onto the swatches!!

Naked lips so you can see a difference

Swatched on my forearm. See how different it is? I really tried to take pictures at different angles too and capture it. This is why then the MAC lady asks if you want to try it on, say yes :D. It might look totally different!!!

And there you have MAC Gem of Roses! Lovely isn't it?


  1. Indeed a very pretty lipstick :D I would wear this one 'cause it isn't very strong ;)

  2. pucker up LOL I love it !!! you already know I love your lips =)

  3. Yea the kissy was for you Neeka ;).

    Akuma yes! It's kind of a natural shade, but with that extra bit of oomph!

  4. I love this lipcolor on you!

    I must say I am sad that the kiss wasn't for me :*( hehe

  5. Aww I'll have to do another one just for you :D. Maybe something more bold like the MAC ones you wear :D. Do a review of those!

  6. My lips aren't pretty like yours! But I might because I really love my bright pink lippies :) Man your teeth look so pretty and white D: I need to whiten mine like whoa!

  7. That is a FANTASTIC color! <3 I will have to get me one of those :D

  8. Thanks so much! Still wear this one all the time and love it!


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