Saturday, October 1, 2011

My First Butter Londons!

Do you remember the buy one get one free Butter London sale at Ulta about a week ago? My Ulta didn't have the two I wanted, and I only wanted these two, so my friend Lindsay picked them up for me!
What is that in the background, what is it sitting in, you ask? Why yes, it's a diaper. It's her signature care package touch haha. They work very well as polish padding :D.

I got the lovely No More Waity, Katie and Victoriana.

Butter Londons have this cute little bird on the inner cap (the big square one comes off). Cute!

Did any of you get in on the sale? Which ones did you get?
How would you like to see NMWK and Victoriana?


  1. I got: "British Racing Green", "No More Waity, Katie (for the name, of course!)", "Blagger" and "Big Smoke". I'm not very impressed with NMW,K but I'm keeping it because of the name. I'm saving BRG to wear at my first 5K in December (the theme of the race is Santa's Snowman Shuffle, so I thought the "racing" green would be perfect!). This was a fabulous deal (and it was on my 30th birthday, too!). Great way to stock up on the "pricier" polish, without spending a lot!

  2. I have heard bad things about NMWK but I just have to see for myself lol. I wanted it anyway. Plus I'm English so the Royal family thing kind of obligates me lol.

    Yes I wouldn't have gotten it at 14, but 7 I can do!!

  3. I don't have an ULTA for about 400 miles in 3 directions of me (I live on the coast or it would be 4 directions. I do have Waity Katy I got from eBay and Victoriana is on my list! I have Queen Vic & All Hale McQueen that is now All Hale the Queen since the designer passed on. I would love to go to an Ulta - sale or not on Butters! Never been in one.

  4. very nice !
    In italy I don't found this nail polish...

  5. Me and my best friend split it up so I got Wallis and she got Snog I think. I am forcing myself to wait until my nails are longer to try Wallis :)

  6. i got both of the two you got plus Big Smoke and Come To Bed Red! i haven't even tried the two that you got yet due to the 31 day challenge. it's killing me!


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