Friday, September 30, 2011

Lovely Autumn Pedi

I got my Hautelook order of 3 Barielle's recently and couldn't wait to use Elle's Spell! It's like autumn on my nails! It's a rich ruby red jelly with iridescent irregular flakies throughout. The flakies show a range of orange, yellow, red, gold, and light green.
Bottle pic

Sunlight toesies! I added one large and two medium red rhinestones at the end for fun. They're not terribly straight :P.

Super love the flakies!

Pedi outside :)

Have Barielle Elle's Spell? It's pretty!!


  1. wow that color is amazing! and you toes are so cute!

  2. The more I see this one the more I realize I must obtain it!! I think your picture of the flakies is the best I've seen.

  3. That is a gorgeous color!!!! Perfect for fall!

  4. Thanks so much ladies I always love hearing good things about my blog and pics :D. I really like this one! It has so much potential with what you layer it over.

  5. I am totally enthralled with Ellie's Spell that I just ordered a 2nd bottle lest they discontinue it!

  6. I can't wait until I get this polish! I ordered two in a recent Barielle sale because I know I'm going to love it. Also, your pedicure is adorable! You should post more pedis in the future. :D

  7. Aww thanks! I have posted a few but will definitely do more! I have one from my mom as a guest blog I need to post lol. She's so proud when she does nail art.


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