Friday, October 14, 2011

Secret Pumpkin!!!

I mentioned that my group is in the middle of Secret Pumpkin in a recent post. I received my package the other day! Yay!!! We haven't quite made the decision of whether or not to disclose who sent our packages yet, so for not it's still a pumpkin secret!!

She included a cute list of what's in the package like a Birchbox card!

I loved the cute crayon pumpkin decorations on the package and notes :D

She made me an awesome bracelet and it totally fits. I have tried making complex bracelets like this before and it takes ages and I never finish them so kudos to my pumpkin!!

She also sent me a ton of frankening supplies. Woah!! There are round glitters, flaky glitters, and pearly shimmers. Not to mention the cute home made glitter scoop. Now will someone please tell me which ones I should use first and with what? :D

Here are all the awesome nail polish magnets she made me. How freaking cool! There are Halloween themed, glow in the dark,  glittery, and pretty ones. 

I wanted to get a little creative and not use all of them on my fridge, so I found magnetic surfaces in my house and used them as decoration. I put one on my ginko metal wall art, one on each side of our iron bed head board, some on my office cork/magnet board, some on the fridge of course, and some Halloweeny ones on my fireplace. Awesome!

Here are the ones on my fridge. She also sent me the card with the trees on it to congratulate us on our engagement! I think I might request pics of peoples' fridges cause I think it's fun. You can see some places we traveled, our sense of humor, things we find pretty, family, so much!

Thanks so much Secret Pumpkin! This is so much fun! Be sure to let me know what you got if you're doing Secret Pumpkin!!!


  1. This sounds like SO much fun!! What group is this?? Can I join?? LOL A group I'm in is doing a polish exchange .. they're SO much fun! I got a polish that I'd never be able to get in the states. plus lots of other thoughtful little goodies. I love it!

  2. Umm yes!! Just look it up on facebook, Nail Polish and Gossip. It's a group with people who love nail polish, but we talk about other life and fun things as well.

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