Thursday, October 6, 2011

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket

I ordered a couple things from the Hautelook Urban Decay sale. One of them was Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Jesse.
It has really cool packaging! It's wide and flattish so it really does fit nicely in your pocket. 

Packaging swatch of the color
On the top of the lid it says "rub me" :P
All the colors have different boy names and guys on the cap. Here is Jesse.

When you tilt it, you see Jesse in his underwear haha!

Jesse is a purpley red lip gloss with a bit of shimmer. It reminds me of a glass of rich red wine. 

Such a pretty color!

Heres a quick cell phone pic of me wearing Jesse. It's not quite as dark and pupley as you'd think once you put it on your lips. You can see in the swatches above its about half way sheer too. Really nice!
It smells and tastes a little funny, but not bad. Kind of like campfire marshmallows lol! It's smooth and not sticky. It's really slippery and last a good while, like your usual gloss (maybe 2 hours). Be careful if you're applying it on the go without a mirror and you rub your lips together. It sort of made that extra line of gloss if you know what I mean, so just make sure you check in a mirror real quick before you run off again. I love it!!


  1. That is a pretty color! I think it would be too dark for me though!

  2. I have alot of urban decay products but none of their lipglosses =( I think I may need to get a few,great post

  3. Looks cute - never tried an urban decay lip gloss but I like their packaging! :)


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