Thursday, September 1, 2011

That Bitch!

Remember this?
 She's my first franken ever :D. There are more swatches here. I've been thinking and thinking on a name and told my friends again "I still haven't named that bitch" with a pic of the polish. Well apparently "That Bitch" stuck hahaha, so now that is my first franken's name. 

Here she is for my current pedi:

Ahh coral shimmer fabulousness...I love it! Super success! 
Next I need to try one of these jelly glitter frankens people are making!

How do you like That Bitch? :D


  1. We are forced to love That Bitch! It's awesome XD

  2. Haha isn't is awesome? Thanks guys. I give credit to my lovies <3.

  3. i'm gonna try that bitch! <3


  4. LOL! That Bitch, Damn Thing... Gotta love your pet names!

  5. I think it rocks haha. I stopped and looked at my toes like 12 times. I wrote down the recipe if anyone wants her :D.


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