Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My First Glitter Sani!

I haven't tried a glitter sandwich until today! In case you don't know what a glitter sandwich (/sammy/sami/sani) is, it's glitter layered between coats of a jelly polish so you can still see the glitter through it. I picked up 3 of the 4 Revlon Just Tinted polishes because they're all jellies and I don't have enough jellies :D.

This is Revlon Dawn from the Just Tinted collection.

This is the glitter I used, two different ones. The left is a tiny round/irregular/flaky pink iridescent glitter, and the right is a small pink iridescent glitter. I got these on super discount from Michael's for 50cents a bottle. Typically, you would use a glitter polish in a glitter sani, but I wanted to use some of my dry glitter just for fun.

Here it is on my first nail after two coats of Dawn. I sprinkled it on really quick after I painted the second coat on so it would still be wet, so I didn't get a pic of her on her own. The pics give you a good idea though, just minus the glitter. Squint :P.

Here are my other nails after the glitter, before the next coat of jelly polish. You can see in this one and the thumb pic that Dawn (and assumedly the others from this collection) dries to a somewhat suede finish - in between matte and glossy. I believe this is what we call a sorbet finish.

Here it is after one coat of Dawn on top, three coats total. You can see the glitter more in real life because the iridescence catches the light more.

Isn't she lovely here? Dawn is quite corally, leaning towards a juicy berry pink. I really can't decide which. I love her jelly feature. I keep thinking it looks like I just stuck my fingers into a ripe strawberry! With three coats there is a still a bit of vnl, though it's diffused by the glitter. I really don't mind some vnl with polishes like this, just not a ton.

Link your glitter sanis in the comments if you've done one!! :D


  1. this looks great!!! and now i really want a strawberry sorbet, lol!

  2. gorgeous girlie pink and the glitter catches the light in just the right way x

  3. It looks very pretty and cuuuute!

  4. Oh wow, this turned out GREAT! =)

  5. Thanks guys! I love it so much I don't want to take it off!!

  6. Super cute! I've done a couple using the OPI sorbets. Its becoming my fav way to wear glitters.

  7. That looks awesome, haven't been able to find the Just Tinted in Canada but if I do I'm so trying this!

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