Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vamp Glam

I am loving the Tarte Trueblood Palette! This time I tried out one of the tutorials that came with it: Vamp Glam

Telepath on the entire lid, after primer and liner

Fairy on the inner corner, blending upward and outward

V along the upper and lower lashline, including the inner corner of the eye. I did it thicker on the upper since I'm not used to wearing liner on the lower and didn't want to look like a ho lol.

Ok so the outfit isn't vamp glam, I was headed to school, but you know :P. 


  1. Very Pretty! I need to find this pallet! I love True Blood!

  2. Completely adorable! You are a cute vamp! :)

  3. You are so pretty little miss hottie. LOL and the make up is hot too ;-P

  4. I want see yor Halloween make up!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks so much ladies! I would love to do some Halloween makeup tutorials! Any suggestions?


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